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As the earliest building in Tsinghua Park, Tongfang Department has become more and more simple under the precipitation of time. It used to be the earliest auditorium of Tsinghua University, where numerous lectures and gatherings were held.

It is the good hope of Tsinghua students to accompany and support Tsinghua students, and it is also high praise for the alumni of Tsinghua University to go hand in hand.

Today, this small gray building is no longer used as an auditorium but has become the office of the Tsinghua Alumni Association. Unforgettable the prosperous years of gathering alumn.

Today's Tongfang Department adheres to the mission passed down from history and spreads the Tsinghua sentiment of Tsinghua alumni all over the world.


1.Promote international exchanges and enhance the reputation of the Association

Tsinghua Alumni Association actively cooperates with the school’s "double first-class" construction process, in line with the goal of "world-class universities must have world-class alumni associations", adheres to the concept of "going out", and actively learns from the advanced alumni associations of well-known overseas universities Work mode.


Seek opportunities to communicate and cooperate with the alumni associations of well-known overseas universities, strive to provide high-quality services to global alumni, and help Tsinghua University expand its influence in international universities. Under the guidance of the concept of "going out", from 2017 to 2019, the Alumni Association visited Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Washington, University of Toronto, and British Columbia. University, University of Melbourne, University of Tokyo, Korea University.


And many other overseas first-class university alumni associations, face-to-face with the alumni association staff of overseas first-class universities around the excavation of various alumni, the expansion of alumni activities, the improvement of alumni service quality, etc. Conducted an in-depth discussion.


After each visit, the team will always form a written research report to share with other staff, to comprehensively deepen the association staff’s understanding of the work of overseas first-class university alumni, promote the association staff to learn more and think more, and further improve their own work Ability and work efficiency.



A delegation from the Alumni Association visited the Harvard University Alumni Association. In addition to "going out", the Association also warmly welcomes visits from overseas university alumni associations. Regardless of the number of members of the visiting delegation, even if there is only one staff member, the Association will be fully prepared to welcome guests to ensure that overseas universities can timely and accurately understand the work and development of Tsinghua University alumni.


Up to now, the association has received visits from several overseas university alumni associations including MIT, University of Tokyo, Oxford University, University of Liverpool, City University of London, Newcastle University in Australia, etc. to introduce Tsinghua. The work and work of the association to each other. Experience, thereby enhancing the reputation of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua Alumni Association among top overseas universities.



The delegation of the MIT Alumni Association visited the Alumni Association.


2.Into the international student group close communication and interaction

In order to better understand the needs of international student graduates, the Tsinghua Alumni Association, together with the International Students and Scholars Center, Tsinghua University Graduate Student Association, and other school departments and organizations, prepared the "iTalk Graduation Special Event" for international students.


On the evening of June 11, 2019, the "iTalk Graduation Special Event" was held at the Career Development Center of Tsinghua University. Nearly 100 international students participated in the event. Teachers from the Alumni Association sent blessings to the international students who are about to graduate and introduced the history and main work functions of the Alumni Association. We warmly welcome international students and alumni to contact the Association and encourage everyone to actively participate in the alumni in the area. organize event.


In addition, the teachers of the association also introduced the "Tsinghua People" mini-program to the graduates on the spot and guided the graduates to register on the spot. The graduates learned how to obtain an electronic alumni card, and at the same time expressed that they would promote it to other international student graduates.


At the event site, teachers from the Alumni Association actively interacted with participating international students and answered various practical questions about the alumni association. As for international students who are willing to participate in various alumni organizations, the staff of the association will promptly connect with them after the event.


As the first close and formal communication and exchanges between the Alumni Association and the majority of international students in recent years, the "iTalk Graduation Special Event" for International Students is a useful attempt by the Alumni Association to enter the international student alumni group and expand its future international student alumni At work.


Similar publicity activities will become an effective tool for the association to spread the message, so that even after graduation, more international students can find a sense of belonging overseas, and feel sincerely proud of the identity of Tsinghua.



Speakers and teachers from the Alumni Association and International Students and Scholars Center


3.Collaborating with overseas university alumni associations to collide with new sparks in mutual exchanges

In May 2019, in order to enhance overseas universities’ understanding of Tsinghua University and promote exchanges between Tsinghua alumni and overseas university alumni, Tsinghua Alumni Association assisted the school’s overseas research institute to prepare the Tsinghua University-University of Toronto Alumni Association. The Alumni Association participates in the planning of the sorority throughout the process and is responsible for the organization and coordination of specific work such as registration and venue for the sorority.


On the evening of May 29, the Tsinghua University-University of Toronto Alumni Association was held at Ziguang International Center. More than 80 alumni and faculty from the two universities attended the meeting.The overseas leaders of the Research Institute, the leaders of the Tsinghua Alumni Association, and the Vice President of the University of Toronto Christopher Yip delivered speeches respectively.


The event was highly praised by the alumni of the two universities. Participants from the University of Toronto expressed their gratitude for having such an opportunity to learn about Tsinghua’s campus culture. Tsinghua alumni also took this opportunity to demonstrate the quality and quality of the Tsinghua people.


International Perspective. In addition, in the process of preparing for this event, the staff of the Alumni Association and Toronto Alumni Association worked together. Although the cultural background and mother tongue is different, and the working environment is not very similar. It is precisely because of these differences that Everyone constantly collided with new sparks in the discussion and communication, igniting the new passion of contact work.


4.Deeply dig out international alumni resources to assist alumni and alumni docking work

Since March 2018, the Tsinghua Alumni Association and the International Students and Scholars Center has established a working group to formulate an international alumni work plan.


The Alumni Association completed the sorting and classification of the data of international students (degrees obtained) from 1978 to 2019 according to the time node and sent greeting emails to the graduates who left effective contact information. And the alumni who responded to the emails were sorted according to their current area. Organize and categorize, and assist these alumni to connect with the local alumni association.


In the process of expanding international alumni, the association has discovered a group of alumni who are full of feelings for Tsinghua and enthusiastic about alumni work, among them the Italian alumni Giovanni Lovisetti (graduated from the School of Law in 2015 and currently serves as the manager of the Milan branch of Dezan Consulting Agency) When I learned that the school was preparing for the Italian Alumni Association.


I offered to use my local resources to assist in the planning, which played an important role in the smooth registration of the Italian Alumni Association with the local government. After being elected as the Vice President of the Italian Alumni Association, Giovanni Lovisetti continued to enthusiastically serve local alumni and pay more attention to the development of the school. He actively facilitated Inter Milan executives to visit Tsinghua University and discuss cooperation with the head of the Sports Department, etc. Communication activities.



The Italian Alumni Association was established in December 2018. The simple Tongfang Department witnessed the ups and downs of the Tsinghua Century and left the hasty footprints of many Tsinghua alumni. Every school day, the returning alumni from home and abroad will gather together under the red banner of "Warmly welcome alumni back to school" and talk to each other. This European-style building with gray walls and red tiles has not only become a gathering place for Tsinghua people's sense of belonging, but also the source of Tsinghua's love all over the world, inheriting the spirit of mutual assistance.

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