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Graduate Programs

Degrees and their abbreviations:

M.A. - Master of Arts

M.S. - Master of Science

Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy

D.Eng. - Doctor of Engineering

Ed.D. - Doctor of Education

J.M. - Juris Master

M.A.P. - Master of Applied Psychology

M.Arch. - Master of Architecture

M.A.S. - Master of Applied Statistics

M.B.A. - Master of Business Administration

M.E.M. - Master of Engineering Management

M.Eng. - Master of Engineering

M.F. - Master of Finance

M.F.A. - Master of Fine Arts

M.J.C. – Master of Journalism and Communication

M.L.A. - Master of Landscape Architecture

M.M. - Master of Medicine

M.P.A. - Master of Public Administration

M.PAcc. - Master of Professional Accounting

M.P.H. - Master of Public Health

M.S.P.E. - Master of Science in Physical Education

M.S.W. - Master of Social Work

M.U.P. - Master of Urban Planning


No. Academic Graduate Programs
1 Philosophy (Ph.D., M.A)
2 Theoretical Economics (Ph.D., M.S.)
3 Applied Economics (Ph.D., M.S.)
4 Science of Law (Ph.D., M.A.)
5 Politics (Ph.D., M.A.)
6 Sociology (Ph.D., M.A.)
7 Theory of Marxism (Ph.D., M.A.)
8 Education (Ph.D., M.A.)
9 Psychology (Ph.D., M.A.)
10 Physical Education and Sport Science (Ph.D., M.A.)
11 Chinese Language and Literature (Ph.D., M.A.)
12 Foreign Languages and Literatures (Ph.D., M.A.)
13 Journalism and Communication (Ph.D., M.A.)
14 History of China (Ph.D., M.A.)
15 History of the World (Ph.D., M.A.)
16 Mathematics (Ph.D., M.S.)
17 Physics (Ph.D., M.S.)
18 Chemistry (Ph.D., M.S.)
19 Astronomy (Ph.D., M.S.)
20 Atmospheric Sciences (M.S.)
21 Biology (Ph.D., M.S.)
22 History of Science and Technology (Ph.D., M.S.)
23 Ecology (Ph.D., M.S.)
24 Statistics (Ph.D., M.S.)
25 Mechanics (Ph.D., M.S.)
26 Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)
27 Optical Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)
28 Instrumentation Science and Technology (Ph.D., M.S.)
29 Materials Science and Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)
30 Power Engineering and Engineering Thermal Physics (Ph.D., M.S.)
31 Electrical Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)
32 Electronic Science and Technology (Ph.D., M.S.)
33 Information and Communication Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)
34 Control Science and Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)
35 Computer Science and Technology (Ph.D., M.S.)
36 Architecture (Ph.D., M.S.)
37 Civil Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)
38 Hydraulic Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)
39 Geodesy and Survey Engineering (M.S.)
40 Chemical Engineering and Technology (Ph.D., M.S.)
41 Transportation Engineering (M.S.)
42 Aerospace Science and Technology (Ph.D., M.S.)
43 Nuclear Science and Technology (Ph.D., M.S.)
44 Environmental Science and Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)
45 Biomedical Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)
46 Urban and Rural Planning (Ph.D., M.S.)
47 Landscape Architecture (Ph.D., M.S.)
48 Software Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)
49 Safety Science and Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)
50 Cyberspace Security (Ph.D., M.S.)
51 Basic Medicine (Ph.D., M.S.)
52 Clinical Medicine (M.S.)
53 Pharmaceutical Science (M.S.)
54 Management Science and Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.)
55 Business Administration (Ph.D., M.S.)
56 Public Administration (Ph.D., M.S.)
57 Art Theory (Ph.D., M.A.)
58 Fine Art (Ph.D., M.A.)
59 Design (Ph.D., M.A.)



No. Professional Graduate Programs
1 Master of Finance (M.F.)
2 Master of Applied Statistics (M.A.S.)
3 Juris Master (J.M.)
4 Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)
5 Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
6 Master of Science in Physical Education (M.S.P.E.)
7 Master of Applied Psychology (M.A.P.)
8 Master of Journalism and Communication (M.J.C.)
9 Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)
10 Master of Urban Planning (M.U.P.)
11 Electronic Information (D.Eng., M.Eng.)
12 Mechanical Engineering (D.Eng., M.Eng.)
13 Materials and Chemical Engineering (D.Eng., M.Eng.)
14 Resources and Environment (D.Eng., M.Eng.)
15 Energy and Power Engineering (D.Eng., M.Eng.)
16 Civil and Hydraulic Engineering (D.Eng., M.Eng.)
17 Master of Landscape Architecture (M.L.A.)
18 Master of Medicine (M.M.)
19 Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)
20 Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
21 Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)
22 Master of Professional Accounting (M.PAcc.)
23 Master of Engineering Management (M.E.M.)
24 Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)
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