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The Tsinghua University Library is composed of two parts: the new library and the old library. The entire library was completed in three phases, spanning 75 years. The first phase of the project was designed by the famous American architect Murphy. It was built in April 1916 and completed in March 1919. The eastern part of the old building was the first to start and complete the "four major buildings" in the early days of the school. The area of the building is only 2114 square meters. The second phase of the project began in the early 1930s. Due to the development of the school, under the auspices of the famous architect Yang Tingbao, known as the "South Yang Beiliang (Liang Sicheng)", the middle and west parts of the old museum were built, and the building area was expanded to 7,700. Square meters, it can hold 300,000 books, and there are more than 700 reading seats. The third phase of the project (new hall) began in the early 1990s, donated by Mr. Shaw from Hong Kong, designed by Academician Guan Zhaoye, and completed in September 1991. The new museum not only maintained the same style as the old one but also made some innovations in many details, so it won the 1993 "National Excellent Engineering Design Gold Award". So far, the total construction area of Tsinghua University Library has reached 28,000 square meters, with more than 2,800 reading seats, a total collection of more than 4 million volumes (pieces), and more than 25,000 academic full-text electronic journals in Chinese and foreign languages.

Some people say: Architecture is frozen music. If you regard the building of Tsinghua Park as a piece of beautiful tune and high melody, the library is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful notes in this piece of music. Whether it is spring or summer or autumn or winter, whether the sun rises or the red wheel falls, whenever you walk into the library of Tsinghua University, you will be greeted with a faint scent of scholarship, and you will see the diligent figure of the students. Here is the ocean of knowledge, here is the world of knowledge, here is the spiritual home to the other shore, and here is the road to success.



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