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Hold international student Spring Festival Party

On the evening of December 11, the 2021 International Students and Scholars New Year's Party was held in the Meng Minwei Concert Hall. Yang Bin, Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs.

Li Jinliang, Director of International Department and Director of International Students and Scholars Center, Zeng Rong, Director of Academic Affairs and Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs, Zhang Ting, Secretary of the Youth League Committee and Head of related departments attended the party.


Speech by Yang Bin


In his speech, Bin Yang, on behalf of the school, extended holiday greetings and New Year greetings to international students and scholars. He said that 2020 is an extremely special year. With the sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Tsinghua teachers and students watched and helped each other to overcome the difficulties together, and handed in a qualified answer sheet in the epidemic examination.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the school has comprehensively promoted online teaching, actively carried out international exchanges and cooperation, and made contributions to the global fight against the epidemic and the development of world higher education.


Today, international students and scholars from all over the world have crossed the barriers of time and space, gathered to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, presenting wonderful performances in the form of online and offline integration, demonstrating self-improvement and innovative spirit of every Tsinghua person. The school always cares about international students and scholars who cannot return to school due to the epidemic and looks forward to meeting everyone on campus again after the epidemic. In the new year, Tsinghua University will celebrate its 110th anniversary. On behalf of the school, Bin Yang expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all international students and scholars and hopes to build and witness a better Tsinghua with you.



Group photo of award-presenting guests and award-winning students


At the party, Meng Bo, Deputy Director of the International Office, Li Yanfu, Deputy Director of the International Office, and Executive Director of the International Student Scholars Center. Yan Bo, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee, and Li Zhe, Deputy Director of the Art Museum, were the top 10 Chinese and foreign performers in social work in 2020. The students were awarded the "International Student Work Award" in recognition of their outstanding contributions to international student work and the construction of campus internationalization.


Under the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many international students were unable to return to school to participate in live performances. This evening party adopted the integration model of "online + offline" and presented it to the audience in two forms: video programs and live performances.


In the interweaving changes of light, shadow, and vocal music, in the interaction between the scene and the cloud, the feast of vision and hearing sets sail. Crossing the barriers of time and region, China and foreign countries meet, and the world is close at hand. What is projected on the big screen is not only the charm of the program itself but also the feelings of "the end of the world is at this time".



The opening song "Have It All" was completed by students from all over the world, bringing together global voices and showing the world's style



Zhang Yaorui from China (School of Economics and Management), Pouya Amani from Iran (Pouya Amani, Academy of Fine Arts), Adrian He Chen Jakubke from Germany (School of Social Sciences). Dan Feng from France (Katherin Thouvenin, School of Journalism and Communication) ), six hosts from Russia (Nik Gu, School of Social Sciences), and Hao Lulu (Anna Lujza Honecz, School of Humanities) from Hungary took the stage to kick off the party.



Geng Yixuan from the dance team of the Tsinghua University Art Troupe danced "Yi Ren Yun Jian"



Dai Xiaolong and Zhang Jiayin from China perform piano and sing "I Don't Wanna Be You Anymore"



The MIX dance company composed of members from South Korea, Canada, Japan, and other countries danced "Burn Break Crash"



Hu Jiaxiong and Deng Yinyan from China sing the song "I See the Light"



Yu Sheng from China sings the song "Moon and Red Beans"



Jiang Yiting from Australia and Jiayi Liu from China sing the song "Ordinary Friends"



Huang Russian, Yu Jing, Li Chunmei, and Ma Yunxiao from China perform belly dance "Meeting"



Tsinghua University Student Musical Theatre Company performs an excerpt from the musical company "You Could Drive a Person Crazy"



The T+1 band with members from many countries performed the song "Girl in the Flower House"



African Dance Company Afro-Jive dancing "Shaku-Gwara"



Tang Khang You from Malaysia performs magic "Magic Desserts"



Li Wenjuan (Joopoh Buranee) from Thailand performs the song "A Million Dreams"



Lu Sunrui (Lu Sunrui) and Kumar Saara Shanti (Su Shanting) from the United States collaborate on the piano performance "Let It Go"



Celine Adelia from Indonesia performs the song "Spring Ballet"



Teachers from the International Students and Scholars Center and international students brought together a poem recitation "The Year 2020", summarizing and reviewing this extraordinary year. The International Students and Scholars New Year's Party is the school's annual cultural fest, which effectively promotes the construction of school culture, enriches campus life, strengthens the integration of Chinese and foreign exchanges, and demonstrates the diversity of campus culture. The 2021 Tsinghua University International Students and Scholars New Year Gala is hosted by the International Students and Scholars Center of Tsinghua University and co-organized by the Students'International Cultural Exchange Association.


Luo Wei, a teacher of the Art Education Center, served as the art director of the party. More than 100 students and scholars from more than 20 countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Australia, Zambia, Cameroon, and Ghana participated in the performance. More than 300 Chinese and foreign teachers and students watched New Year's Eve together. The whole process of this evening party was recorded and carefully edited. The full version of the video will be launched on Weibo, YouTube, and other domestic and overseas platforms at 19:00 on December 20, Beijing time, presenting a wonderful performance for teachers and students who cannot be there to watch.

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