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Signing agreement with Qinghai provincial government


(the picture is FAST, Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope)


On May 27th, Tsinghua University and Qinghai provincial government signed a cooperation agreement on the project of " MUltiplex Spectroscopic Telescope (must)", jointly building the "wide field of view Sky Survey Telescope" project in Saishiteng mountain, Lenghu Town, Haixi Mongolian, and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, to build the MUST project into a world-class astronomical science facility.


It is reported that in the next decades, the development of astronomy will accelerate. Several large-scale photometry (photo) surveys have been arranged in the world, but there is an urgent lack of matching spectral surveys. Given this, Tsinghua University proposed to build a MUltiplex Spectroscopic Telescope (must). 


The Department of astronomy of Tsinghua University, together with the site selection team of National Observatory, basically judged that the Saishiteng peak in Qinghai Lenghu could be an ideal site for must in China. According to the agreement, the MUST project will have a total investment of about 1.3 billion yuan and a construction period of seven years. When conditions are ripe, we shall support the construction of astronomy science libraries. 


The provincial Party committee, provincial government, and Tsinghua University attach great importance to the promotion of this project, and the two sides jointly set up the MUST project promotion group. At present, the administration committee of Lenghu Astronomy Science and Technology Innovation Park has been set up by the Haixi Prefecture Government. 


The implementation of this project will effectively promote the development of local economic transformation and the construction of Tsinghua University as a "double first-class" university by complementing each other's advantages.


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