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Visiting international students in China

On the eve of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, by the unified deployment of the Municipal Education Committee and the School Party Committee on caring and caring for students studying at the school, The international exchange office visits international students studying in Hexi campus and Binhai campus.

Comrades from the International Exchange Office walked into the dormitory of international students and saw them welcoming the Chinese New Year with their clean rooms and good spirits.

Comrades from the International Exchange Office have a comprehensive understanding of the life of international students in China, expressed the school's concern for international students, urged safety during holidays, strengthened personal epidemic protection such as ventilation and hand washing, and paid attention to the safety of electricity, more communication than teachers.

The teachers also brought fruits and other New Year gifts to the international students, wishing all the students a good and auspicious New Year, so that they can study and live in China at ease and ease, and encourage them to overcome the difficulties of the epidemic and work hard to learn Chinese traditional culture and professional knowledge.

International students at school have expressed that they spend the "Spring Festival" in school and experience the "Chinese New Year" is very meaningful. During the epidemic, the Chinese government and schools have always cared about the safety and health of international students in China, and they are very grateful.

The school helps them solve their problems and treats them as warmly as their families. These have deepened the understanding of Chinese society among international students. Everyone said that they would cherish their time studying abroad, must study hard, and be an ambassador for "Knowing China, Friends of China, and Aihua".


Testimonials from international students:

1. Li Na, a Rwandan master student in Food Science and Engineering: 2020 will be a difficult time for everyone, but the teachers in our school are very responsible. They help us study every day and care about our lives.

I am true about this. Thank you very much. Today, the leading teachers of the International Exchange Office came to visit our international students and brought fruits as a symbol of New Year’s blessings. This makes me very happy and grateful. Happy New Year of the Ox, everyone!

2. Bi Lasso, a Pakistani doctoral student in the School of Biological Engineering: It is great to have a teacher from the International Exchange Office with us today. I am very grateful to the distinguished leaders for the precious and beautiful gifts with the university logo. It's awesome!

3. Jos, an Equatorial Guinea undergraduate student at the School of Artificial Intelligence: What I want to say is that 2020 is a very difficult year, a year of pandemics, and a year we face many challenges. I hope that 2021 will be a year of prosperity and recovery. Thanks to the teachers who have been taking care of our health during the pandemic, thank you!


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