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Chinese Education Scholarship

1. International Chinese Teacher Scholarship

Committed to cultivating local Chinese teachers and reserve forces, senior Chinese talents, etc., and providing scholarships for academic education and research. Fund outstanding young people to study for degrees and short-term studies in China, and support the construction of an international talent pool of Chinese teachers.

Applicants can log in to http://cis.chinese.cn/account/login to apply.


2. Educational Scholarship

For foreign learners with high Chinese proficiency, outstanding young people who are aspiring to become Chinese teachers, and in-service Chinese teachers, it provides undergraduate and doctoral scholarships in the direction of Chinese international education and related majors in China.


3. Scholarship for training

Provide scholarships for in-service Chinese teachers and Chinese learners from all over the world to study in China for four weeks, one semester, and one academic year. The research direction is Chinese international education and Chinese-related majors.


4. Chinese Language Education Joint Scholarship

Joint Chinese and foreign education departments, universities, social organizations, and enterprises have been established to set up joint scholarships for Chinese education to subsidize in-service Chinese teachers and young students interested in Chinese teaching and related work to study or study degree courses in China. Welcome units with the intention of cooperation to get in touch with us.


5. Contact details

Phone: +86-10-58595743

Email: scholarships@chinese.cn


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