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Held a variety of cultural activities

In order to better meet the needs of Japanese students to learn and understand traditional Chinese culture and knowledge of Chinese medicine, and to further enhance the influence of our school's Confucius Classroom, our school's Confucius Classroom at the Kobe Toyo Medical College in Japan has recently held a number of cultural activities.

From January to February, Zhang Guoxia, the Chinese leader of the Confucius Classroom at the Kobe Toyo Medical College of our school, and Zeng Lirong, a public teacher, gave a series of lectures on Chinese medicine culture for Igawa Valley High School in Hyogo Prefecture and Tezukayama High School in Osaka.

High school students are exposed to Chinese medicine culture for the first time, showing great interest and enthusiasm for learning Health Qigong and acupoint massage.

On February 8, the Confucius Classroom launched the "Spring Festival Special Lecture Week" activity. Although the teaching time of the Confucius Classroom was shortened to one hour due to the impact of the new crown epidemic.

And the special lectures for the Spring Festival were changed from centralized lectures in large classrooms to small classrooms in batches, the changes in time and methods did not diminish the enthusiasm of the students and the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

Our Confucius Classroom teachers carefully arranged the classrooms and prepared rich and interesting learning materials for the students to spend a happy Spring Festival with Japanese students.

On February 26th, Mr. Zhang Guoxia and Mr. Zeng Lirong participated in the preparatory meeting for the online lecture of Japan Pharmaceutical University. Teacher Zhang Guoxia was invited to undertake the online teaching project of 2021 Traditional Medicine Lectures at Japan Pharmaceutical University.

This year, four lectures on TCM will be given to Japanese pharmacists and students interested in TCM.The current Confucius Classrooms in the epidemic are functioning well.

The International Education Institute has always maintained close communication with Confucius Classrooms to do a good job in the construction of overseas Confucius Classrooms in special times.



Teacher Zhang Guoxia leads high school students to experience Health Qigong Ba Duan Jin



Teacher Zeng Lirong introduced acupuncture point exercises to prevent colds for high school students



Spring Festival Special Lecture Week Set

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