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Visiting foreign students

To let the overseas students and students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan who stay in Tianjin during the winter vacation experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture and the care from the school leaders and teachers, to ensure that the students have a safe year in Tianjin. A few days ago, the School of International Education has launched a series of condolences, and they have visited and condoned more than 40 students from more than 20 countries and regions who live on campus and off-campus.

Since the epidemic last year, the School of International Education has always put students' life safety and physical health in the first place and has used various methods to promote knowledge about epidemic prevention and control and publicize the important role of Chinese medicine in treating the new crown pneumonia epidemic. During the visit, the teachers of the International Education College sent the students New Year’s blessings, carefully prepared Spring Festival gifts, epidemic prevention materials, and the "Qinggan Winter Drink" developed by the principal and Academician Zhang Boli, which helped students prevent the school’s epidemic for more than a year. The vigorous cooperation and understanding of the control work were fully affirmed, and the students’ ideological status, online learning situation, and mental health status were thoroughly understood, and timely attention was given to the reasonable needs of the students, and the students were again urged to fully understand The importance of epidemic prevention and control is to strictly abide by the school's management regulations, and contact the teacher in charge in time if there is any difficulty.

The students responded that even though they could not return to their hometown during such a special holiday, the care and blessings from the school made them feel warm and moved. Said that he would definitely support the epidemic prevention and control work by the school’s requirements. Following the example of the principal, Academician Zhang Boli, he would live up to his youth in the days of overcoming the difficulties with the school, study Chinese medicine knowledge hard, and become an outstanding Chinese medicine international talent. Spread the culture of Chinese medicine to the world.




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