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Hold a short video contest

On December 29, the School of International Education held the 2020 Short Video Contest "Show Out Different Young". After nearly 2 months of organization and planning, through several links such as preliminary preparations, competition preparations.

Soliciting works, and video selection, 19 video works were finally selected. Subsequently, the 14-day online voting was fiercely launched, with 76,028 Internet views and 16,044 votes in total. In the end, according to the judges' votes and online voting scores, 1 Grand Prize, 2 First Prizes, 3 Second Prizes, 5 Third Prizes, 8 Outstanding Prizes, and 3 Best Online Popularity Prizes will be won.

Due to the continuing impact of the epidemic, most of our school’s international students and students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan cannot return to school. The International Education College specially organized this short video contest, hoping to strengthen communication with students through this activity.

A large number of international students and students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan actively participated and recorded their home study, life situation, and customs in their hometown with lens, text, pictures, language, and music, and actively shared and exchanged their thoughts and gains with everyone.

Through the development of this short video contest, it fully expressed the deep feelings of the school and the vast number o10:33:2210:33:23f international students and students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, showing the positive spirit of the students, and promoting a healthy and learning atmosphere of our school.

It has strengthened our mutual feelings and strengthened our confidence in the fight against the epidemic. It has expressed the determination of the Chinese people and the people of the world to help each other and overcome the difficulties together. I hope that we will get together as soon as possible and greet the beautiful 2021 together.








Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine International Education College 2020 Short Video Competition

Winners of "Show Out of Difference Young"

Grand Prize (1 winner):

Meet in Tianzhong (Canada·Keyan)

First prize (2 winners):

The Road to Learning: Little Luck in Life (Singapore·Cai Huizi)

Eight things to do while studying and living at home will make you achieve better grades (Thailand·Bai Fengqi)

Second prize (3 winners):

Old Friends in the Sky (Taiwan, China·Qiu Jiahui)

Live yourself, Young live your life (Malaysia·Ke Jie Er)

Today, the past (Malaysia Xu Xuewen)

Third prize (5 winners):

Young is this young (Malaysia·Xu Yiwen)

My life (Vietnam·Lee Nguyen Kuo Tak)

25+5 (Malaysia·Wang Rouge)

Study Abroad·Student (Malaysia·Chen Minyu)

Life·Food (Malaysia·Zhao Ruyi)

Winners (8 winners):

My life in Tianjin and Italy (Italy·Gu Xinping)

Tai Youai (Thailand·Shen Yanwan)

Cover of the song "Will it" (Malaysia·Cheng Chen)

The first photography study (Hongkong, China·Qiu Jingjing)

Experience cervical spine treatment (Malaysia Lin Jiaqi)

My experience in TJUTCM (India·Tang Shifu TOWSEEF FAROOQ)

The 3 basic studying tips for online studies (Tanzania·Tao Yufei)

Myanmar Traditional-Sport (Chinlone) (Myanmar · Hamming)

Best Internet Popularity Award (3 winners):

Twenty-five + five (Wang Rouge)

Cover of the song "Will it" (Zheng Wei Sui)

Life·Food (Zhao Ruyi)

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