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Visa and residence permit processing

1. Freshmen must confirm that they have brought the following documents before coming to China:

Passport, admission notice, physical examination report, JW202/201 form mailed by the school, 8 frontal passport-free photos with a light background.


2. The process of applying for a visa (residence permit)

Students arriving at the school for the first time need to present their passports, admission notices, and tuition payment receipts at the Student Affairs Office. The teacher in charge should register their passport and visa information. For students whose visa is not a residence permit, the visa must be converted to a residence permit following the following procedures.

(1) Physical examination

A. Students who have undergone pre-entry physical examination need to bring the physical examination report in their home country ( including all information related to the physical examination such as electrocardiogram report, X-ray film, full blood examination report, etc.), Monday to Friday morning ( 830~ 11:30) in the afternoon (2:00 ~ 4:00) to.

B. Students who have not undergone pre-entry physical examination need to bring their passports and 3 recent photos (dimensions: 3.5cm x 4.5cm ) without headgear on a light background to the Tianjin Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau ( No. 51 Second Avenue, Development Zone). Physical examination.

(2) Accommodation registration

Off-campus residential students must go to the local police station to apply for the "Overseas Personnel Accommodation Registration Reference Card" within 24 hours.

(3) Apply for a residence permit application letter at the Student Affairs Office with the "Overseas Personnel Accommodation Registration Reference Card", physical examination verification certificate, and passport, and then apply for a residence permit at Tianjin Entry-Exit Administration (No. 19 Shouan Street, Jiaocheng Road, Hebei District) license.

(4) To extend the residence permit, you need to apply to the Student Affairs Office 15 days in advance.


3. Related tips

(1) If students change their passports, they should go to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to go through the change procedures within ten days.

(2) If the passport is lost, report to the police station in time and go through the procedures for the new passport.

(3) Students' family members who come to Tianjin should register at the police station within 24 hours.

(4) Applying for a residence permit is closely related to school attendance at ordinary times, students are requested to pay attention to attendance at ordinary times.

(5) Please keep in mind the validity period of your visa (residence permit) and go through the extension procedures in time. If an overdue phenomenon occurs, a fine will be imposed by the Tianjin Exit-Entry Administration Bureau.

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