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Ethiopian Luban Workshop starts operations

Yesterday, the "Cloud Unveiling" and departure ceremony of the Ethiopian Luban Workshop was held simultaneously in Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University and Ethiopian Technical University. Deputy Mayor Cao Xiaohong attended the "Cloud Unveiling" ceremony.

In July 2019, Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University and Ethiopian University of Technology launched the joint construction of the Ethiopian Luban Workshop.

Positioning the Luban Workshop in the field of artificial intelligence, connecting with the Ethiopian Technical University’s mechanical manufacturing, electronics, and information communication, electrical-electronic technology 3 undergraduate majors, and 4 technical directions of industrial sensors, mechatronics, industrial control, and robotics.

According to the EPIP engineering practice innovation project teaching model, the Luban workshop is equipped with world advanced, industry-leading, practical and training It has developed 3 sets of international professional teaching standards, 4 sets of bilingual teaching materials, 4 sets of curriculum teaching plans, and supporting professional training video materials.

Recently, the Ethiopian Luban Workshop has completed all construction tasks. After the start of the operation, the Luban Workshop will be committed to building an African Luban Workshop teacher training base.

Carrying out professional construction of academic education and skills training, cultivating high-quality teachers, improving the construction system of the African Luban Workshop, and helping Ethiopian youths improve their technical skills, To promote local economic and social development, and to provide human resources support for Chinese-funded enterprises going global.

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