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Li Wenxiu and others conducted an investigation and exchange

On April 9, Li Wenxiu, deputy secretary and dean of the Liaodong University Party Committee, and Zhang Zhongsheng, deputy dean, came to our school for inspection and exchange.

Zhang Jingang, secretary of the school’s party committee, and Yan Bing, member of the standing committee of the school’s party committee and vice president, met and exchanged views.




At the symposium, Zhang Jingang extended a warm welcome to President Li Wenxiu and his entourage and introduced the school’s history, philosophy, characteristics, and achievements of the school, which were affirmed by the leaders of the central government.

Li Wenxiu introduced the history, level of running the school, and plans for the future development of Liaodong University. The two parties discussed and exchanged views on the development of vocational and technical teacher education such as personnel training, professional setting, scientific research, team building, and social services.

Li Wenxiu said that this visit has been very rewarding, and he spoke highly of our school's achievements in the field of vocational and technical teacher training, and hoped that the two schools would strengthen exchanges, deepen cooperation, and seek common development.




After the symposium, Zhang Jingang and Yan Bing accompanied Li Wenxiu and his entourage to visit the engineering training center CNC machining center, CNC car training room, master studio, and mechatronics training room.




Wang Yafeng, Director of the Disciplinary Development Planning Office of Liaodong University, Liu Fengguo, Secretary of the Party Branch of Liaodong University, Party Committee Office (President’s Office), Academic Affairs Office, Discipline Construction Office, Scientific Research Office, Personnel Office, Vocational Education College, Engineering Training Center, Vocational Education Responsible comrades from the Teachers Research Institute and the Ministry of Adult Education attended the forum.


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