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Launch the second round of Party Committee inspection

By the unified deployment of the municipal party committee and the municipal education committee on the centralized inspection work of municipal colleges and universities and the deployment of the school party committee inspection work, our school launched the second round of inspections of the second party committee.

And the information technology engineering college, The Party Committee of the School of Software Engineering, and the School of Economics and Management carried out regular political inspections.

On April 9th and April 15th, the second round of inspection work mobilization and deployment meeting of the second party committee and the inspection station mobilization meeting was held successively.

Zhang Jingang, secretary of the school party committee and leader of the inspection work leading group, deputy secretary of the school party committee, and inspection work leader The deputy leader of the team, Marei, attended and delivered speeches.






Zhang Jingang conveyed and learned General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important statements on inspection work and the deployment requirements of the Central, Municipal Party Committee, and Municipal Education Committees on inspection work at the inspection work mobilization deployment meeting.

Incorporating political mobilization classes into it, and motivating inspection teams and inspection offices to improve The level of professional inspection and supervision, focusing on the "14th Five-Year Plan".

Making a good start and strengthening political supervision, and put forward three opinions on carrying out this round of inspection work with high quality.

First, it is guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Deeply understand the importance of carrying out this round of high-quality inspections, accurately grasp the positioning of political inspections, take "two maintenance" as the fundamental task, and continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, and political execution.

The second is to strengthen system thinking, integrate supervisory forces, make scientific and overall planning by the inspection work leadership team, actively coordinate and communicate with the inspection office, and the inspection team earnestly and diligently.

All functional departments fully support and cooperate to form a joint supervision force to ensure the smooth and orderly development of this round of inspections.

The third is to adhere to high standards and strict requirements, adhere to the clear orientation of focusing on the grassroots level, make up for the shortcomings of grassroots party organization leadership and grassroots governance through inspections and supervisions, create a cohesive development environment, and build the party's governance with actual results.

The political foundation and mass foundation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" provides a strong political guarantee for a good start and a good start promotes the vigorous development of colleges and schools and greets the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results.




At the meeting, Zhang Zhiyuan, the leader of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team, deployed the tasks of this round of inspections, and Marei, the deputy secretary of the school party committee, announced the authorization of the inspection team leader and deputy leader and the division of tasks.

All members of the inspection work leading group and inspection team attended the meeting, and heads of some functional departments attended the meeting as non-voting delegates.

Marley went to the two colleges for inspection and mobilization, conveyed the spirit of the mobilization and deployment meeting for the inspection work of the two municipal education committees and the school party committee.

Integrated the pre-inspection clean government education lectures, analyzed the problems discovered by the party committee since the inspection, and gave the inspected party organization With warnings and education, the leadership team put forward three opinions on the implementation of the party committee's inspection work deployment requirements.

First, in-depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on inspection work, strengthen the political inspection position and give full play to the role of inspection.

The second is to accurately understand and grasp the key content of inspections and supervision, find political deviations, promote the resolution of prominent problems, and ensure the implementation of the party's theories, routes, principles and policies, and major central decisions and deployments at the grassroots level. The third is to strengthen political responsibility and political responsibility.

The inspection team and the inspected party organization will answer the same questions together to create a good atmosphere of consciously accepting supervision, actively investigating problems, mobilizing endogenous motivation, and actively cooperating with inspections, and strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures.

Achieve the combination of "work" and "prevention" to ensure the high-quality development of this round of inspections.

At the meeting, Ju Xianmei, the leader of the second round of inspection team of the second party committee, was informed of the tasks and work arrangements of this round of inspections.

Shi Lianshuan and Zhao Lihua, the heads of the inspected party organizations, respectively made statements on behalf of the college leadership team.

All members of the inspection office, inspection team, and all members of the leading group of the inspected party organization attended the meeting, and representatives of faculty, staff, and students attended the meeting.

Before the meeting, Marley attended the inspection meeting and communication meeting and put forward work requirements for the inspected party organization to raise awareness, perform duties and responsibilities, and coordinate and cooperate to do the current round of inspections.

The inspection office director, inspection team leader, deputy team leader, and the inspected party The main responsible comrades of the leading group of the party organization and the government attended the meeting.



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