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Silhouette of international students

1.Silhouette 1:

Son of the Forest-Rosen

When preparing to register for the sports meeting, Fabien Robert Rahaingoson, a 2019 freshman of the International College, seemed a little hesitant at first. Although he had participated in the sports meeting before, this was his first time participating in a Chinese university sports meeting.

When I arrived for the first time, less than a month later, Fabien Robert Rahaingoson was a little bit cautious. In the first Chinese class, he had his favorite Chinese name "Luo Sen". Because the teacher told him that if a tree grows alone in the wilderness, even if it survives.

It is mostly withered and deformed; if it grows in the forest, it will compete for water and dew, and the trees will compete for the sun so that it will stand tall. Lush green, this is the origin of "Rosen".

"A single tree cannot become a forest", there is no vitality without competition. To stay on top of the tide, it should be integrated into the "forest" like a tree, competing for "water and dew", and gaining "sunshine".

Only by participating in the competition can we completely change the situation of "dwarf one head" and maintain growth and progress. The momentum.




Pictured is Fabien Robert Rahaingoson





"I can't have explosive power, but I think the endurance is okay, so I want to participate in the 1500-meter long-distance race." In the process of insisting on training every day, Rosen slowly regained his confidence.

Every day at 5:30 in the afternoon, the schoolbag was thrown away, the shorts were added, and Rosen plunged into the sports field like a free bird. Squeeze your legs, jump high, twist your neck, bend your waist, close your eyes and take a breath of fresh air, and start a day of intense and fulfilling running training.

The beautiful campus, the wide playground, and the long runway made Rosen excited about everything in front of him. "The school I studied in in Madagascar is not that big, and the playground is very simple. There are no green plants and no lights. So if I want to train, I can only choose in the morning. But here, I can come out at night and run around the playground. A few laps, this feeling is really great!"

At these track and field games, Chinese and foreign students will compete on the same stage and compete for the championship. When it comes to competition results, Rosen always smiles. "I am very excited to be able to compete with Chinese students.

Although I am a little nervous, I am not very concerned about the results of the competition. I just want to train for two hours a day, maintain my state, and enjoy the whole process of competing with them. "

Autumn is the harvest season. I hope that Rosen will show his best self in the golden autumn of October. Just like his name, he will release his natural nature, chase the autumn sun on the top of the forest, and reap the most beautiful joy.


2.Silhouette two:

Sunflower Girl-Marina

In the evening of September, the autumn breeze was blowing cool, and the setting sun went down, and a slope in the west side of the school was full of sunflowers. The innocent smiley face is full of the smell of sunshine.

An agile figure flew by suddenly, the crystal beads of sweat slowly slid down his face under the reflection of the afterglow, and the corners of his eyes seemed to be smiling, like a sunflower in front of him, bowing toward the sun, actively seeking progress.

Her name is Marina, from far away from Madagascar, and she is a 2019 freshman in the International Academy. Apart from studying every day, she will spend her spare time around school, running training, preparing for the track and field games in October.







Before coming to China, Marina had never participated in a sports meeting. This time, she unexpectedly participated in the internal trial organized by the International Academy not long ago and was successfully selected for the 100-meter sprint and relay events.

"In my home country, my mother knew that I was going to participate in the Chinese Games. She was surprised because I might not run very fast, but she was still happy for me."

At 5:30 in the afternoon, at the Eastern Stadium, the International College will organize selected international students for pre-match training.

After class, Marina rushed to the stadium early. Today, she will participate in the 100-meter sprint team competition with several other players.

"I think the girl in white clothes runs fast; the girl in blue clothes can run at a glance; international students should be able to run..." The Chinese students in the distance were also attracted, and they stopped and stared. Looking ahead, you guessed the outcome of the game every word.

Track and field competition is a gathering of the strong, and the competition is fierce. Marina, who has no game experience, is calmly like a veteran. "It's the first time that the school holds such a sports meeting, so I am very excited.

I am not the fastest one, but I like competition. Only through competition can I make progress and make more friends."

Marina has a soft spot for flowers, especially flowers that grow toward the sun. Every morning when the sun rises, they will stand on tiptoes, raise their heads, and count every ray of light on the horizon.

She also wants to be a stubborn and strong sunflower, and tirelessly pursue the sun in her heart day and night! Looking forward to her good results in October!






3.Silhouette three:

Captain Almighty—Du Yu

He is a thick-lined man with thick eyebrows and a square face, eyes like shooting stars, and broad shoulders. He has a thick chest and a burly body, standing like a stone tower, running like a gust of wind, and as strong as a bull.

In the eyes of the teacher, he is prudent and decisive in doing things without rush; in the eyes of his classmates, he is enthusiastic, daring to assume, selfless and fearless.

His name is Du Yu, from Uzbekistan. He is a 2019 freshman of the International Academy and the captain of the International Academy of the First Athletics Games of the National University of Science and Technology.








On the training ground, Du Yu can run, jump, and throw, and he is good at everything. He was given the nickname "Almighty Captain." Near the start of October, in addition to taking time out for self-training every day, Du Yu is also busy organizing more than 40 team members to participate in the afternoon training.

Apart from studying, he devoted almost all of his energy to this greenery. "I want to organize everyone to participate in training earlier before the October Games because this will allow them to maintain their best competitive state until the start of the game."

Speaking of the National University of Science and Technology held the first track and field games this time, Du Yu seemed extremely excited. "You know, people have to experience many firsts in their lives, the first time they fall in love, the first time they leave home, the first time they go to work, the first time they go abroad.

The first time they participate in a UCAS sports meeting, and it is also the first sports meeting. I think my team members and I can definitely leave something here, or maybe we can make history together on the field." At this point, Du Yu laughed confidently.

The captain is the backbone of a team. Du Yu is not only an athlete in this session of the Athletics Games, he will participate in the shot put and long jump competitions.

He is also an administrator. He needs to assist the teachers of the International Academy to take care of all the players and try their best to make everyone Everyone can participate in the game in the best condition.

"I didn't feel any pressure myself. The teacher chose me to be the captain because he trusted me. I was very happy, so when I was training with the players, I didn't feel tired at all."

Every day at 5:30 in the afternoon, Du Yu put down his schoolbag, changed his clothes, brought training equipment, and hurried to the sports field.

He held a stopwatch for timing and a roster that had been crumpled in his hand. It is densely packed with information, competition events, and training records of everyone in the team.

On the long runway, Du Yu ran back and forth between the starting point and the finishing point, tirelessly. At the starting point, he organized the 100-meter runners to practice a quick start.

At the finish line, he stared into the distance, pinched the stopwatch, and watched his teammates fly by like wild horses. After successfully completing the sprint, his face was full of smiles.

The sports meet is about to start. After training, Du Yu looked at the sweaty figures on the sports field. He was full of confidence and couldn't help feeling: "Someone said,' The second place is no different from the last place. People only remember the first place. No one wants to win! There is always someone who wants to win, so why can't it be us? So athletes who don't want to champion are not good athletes!"

Liu Yuxi of the Tang Dynasty has a poem, arrogant and dry clouds, let me give it to me: "Since ancient times, autumn is sad and lonely, I say autumn is better than spring dynasty. A crane and a row of clouds in a clear sky will draw poetry to the blue sky."

Let us With this poem, I wish Du Yu and his team members a shining field in the golden autumn of October, and a rewarding return!

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