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The international academy held an air volleyball match

On the evening of November 12th, an exciting gas volleyball teacher-student league was held in the East Gymnasium of Yanqi Lake Campus. The whole game was intense and joyous. The vigorous posture, the jumping figure, the excited cheers, every wonderful moment is unforgettable.

The competition is divided into three teams: teachers, international students, and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Volleyball Team.

More than a dozen teachers from different departments came to the Yanqi Lake campus from Yuquan Road campus and Zhongguancun campus to participate in the competition after a busy day of work and demonstrated their full support for the activities of international students with practical actions.

Mr. Chen Feng, Director of the General Office of the International College, gave a pre-match speech for the game, and Mr. Xie Yong, Director of the International Cooperation Office kicked off the game.



Picture 1: Ms. Xie Yong, Director of the Cooperation Department of International College, gave a kick-off speech



Picture 2: Speech by Mr. Chen Feng, Director of the General Office of the International College


Among the international student teams, many students are exposed to air volleyball for the first time. Even the students who have been in contact with volleyball are not very clear about the striking power and the rules of the game.

Before the start of the competition, in order to let the students play their best on the field, Ms. Yang Jing arranged several professional pieces of training for the students.

Ms. Yang Jing also made detailed and rich activity planning, carefully preparing each student With different prizes, the students who won have won awards and honors, and the students who have not won have also won respect. Teachers Li Shuangshuang and Qi Bopeng also provided a lot of help for this competition.



Figure 3: The sunny team of teachers



Picture 4: The handsome and lovely foreign student team


Due to the impact of the new crown virus epidemic, the international students who can come to Yanqi Lake to participate in offline courses in the autumn semester of 20 years are all students who have been in China before the epidemic, a total of 47 students, and the international students formed 4 teams.

They cherish this precious opportunity very much, practice every day, and arrive at the competition venue early on the day of the competition. They really show the spirit of the Olympics!

This game made the students more united, and everyone worked hard, hoping to win an honor for their team. In the warm-up match, some teams did not quickly enter the game state, but through timely adjustments, they quickly discovered the strategy that should be adopted.

If they fail to score, the international students will cheer each other up; if they score, they will clap and cheer. The atmosphere was warm and tense. Campus life is not only a treasure trove of unlimited knowledge.

But also wonderful sports activities to invigorate their spirits, strengthen their physique, and help each other. With the spirit of mutual help, any difficulties in the future will not be a problem.



Figure 5: Women do not let the eyebrows



Figure 6: I want to fly higher


In the arena, both international and Chinese students showed the vigor and vigor of contemporary youth. After the game, everyone enthusiastically exchanged game experiences, regardless of nationality, regardless of skin color, opponents, and even friends.

The referees of this game are also from the school volleyball team, ensuring the professionalism of the game. After the game, the referees happily took photos with the participating teams.



Figure 7: Group photo of the Air Volleyball League



Figure 8: We are opponents but also good friends


The competition was really wonderful. After the competition, some students asked: "Teacher, when will we have the competition? I like this event so much." Obviously, this is the best evaluation. We also sincerely hope that this and future activities can enrich everyone's campus life, promote teacher-student exchanges, and bring everyone more health and happiness.

After the competition, the students accepted the awards and took a group photo with the teachers. Different from serious classrooms and busy offices, students can feel the care and love of teachers more deeply in the field.

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