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On April 6, Professor Feng Shi, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a doctoral tutor at the University of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was invited to the Institute of International Education and gave a wonderful lecture entitled "Recognizing Chinese Civilization from the Origin of Writing". Zhu Kongjing, secretary of the Party branch of the International Education Institute, presided over the lecture, and hundreds of teachers and students listened together online and offline.

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At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Feng raised the question of "from what angle to explore Chinese civilization", and pointed out that "the foundation of all exploration is the origin of writing." Then, Professor Feng started from the origin of the word "civilization". It is pointed out that the core of "civilization" is to cultivate the mind and morality, and from this leads to the three outstanding characteristics of Chinese civilization: emphasis on mind cultivation, exploration of truth, and pluralism. Professor Feng skillfully combined the new crown epidemic and other examples to incisively interpret the characteristics of Chinese character knowledge and the exploration of truth. Finally, Professor Feng went into the source of the text and vividly explained the characteristics of the pluralistic integration of Chinese civilization through the analysis of the text and the utensils that carry the text, and pointed out that the Chinese nation has been an indivisible whole since ancient times. The three parts are intertwined, layer by layer, and complement each other, interpreting Chinese civilization from the origin of Chinese characters.

After the lecture, the teachers and students present actively asked questions and spoke enthusiastically. From the content of the lecture to the professional development questions, Professor Feng answered patiently, which is really gloomy!

Through this lecture, the students not only better understand the origin of Chinese characters and the culture behind them, but also have a deeper knowledge and understanding of Chinese civilization. This semester, the School of International Education will continue to launch a series of "Civilization Mutual Learning" lectures, and strive to cultivate students into excellent disseminators of Chinese culture.

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