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Signing publishing cooperation agreement

Recently, the 10th TIAA Conference and 2021 Autonomous Driving Commercial Application Conference were held in Chengdu. At the opening ceremony of the conference, Jin Min, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee, signed a book publishing cooperation agreement with Pang Chunlin, secretary-general of the In-vehicle Information Service Industry Application Alliance (TIAA) on behalf of the school publishing house.




Guo Yanyan, a former member of the party group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and leader of the discipline inspection team, academician Li Yanrong, honorary chairman of Che Lian, president of Sichuan University, academician Shao Anlin, honorary chairman of Che Lian, party secretary and chairman of Ansteel Mining Group, and honorary chairman of Che Lian, Academician Fang Binxing, Chief Scientist of China Electronics, Professor Zeng Yong, President of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Professor Li Keqiang, Honorary Chairman of the Auto Federation, Chief Scientist of the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Center, Professor Li Fengjun, General Manager of China Auto Chuangzhi, Wu Jianhui, Chairman of the Auto Federation, and other leaders and experts Witnessed the signing ceremony together.


The publishing house closely relies on the school's advantageous academic background, and action plans related to publications with the characteristics of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China to serve the development of the national information industry and the school's teaching and scientific research. The book publishing agreements signed this time, such as "Smart Agricultural Machinery Technology Roadmap", "Agricultural Unmanned Operation Engineering Roadmap", and "2020 China's Autonomous Driving Commercial Application White Paper" are the initial results of the publishing house's active promotion of the above work.


The person in charge of the school publishing house said that in the future, the publishing house will further carry out in-depth cooperation with the Internet of Vehicles in related fields, closely follow industry hotspots, actively explore expert resources inside and outside the school, and provide timely and advanced reference information for industrial technology innovation and application of results. Efforts will be made to build a "business card" of the era characterized by "Shengdian Publishing and Chengdian Publishing".

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