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Qinghe campus holds reception day

On March 26, the first "School Leaders Reception Day" of the new semester was held at the Student Activity Center of Qingshuihe Campus. Shen Xiaorong, deputy secretary of the school party committee, attended the event. From the school office, the student work department of the party committee, the security department of the party committee, the academic affairs office, the international cooperation and exchange office, the university student cultural quality education center, the library, the logistics support department, the school hospital, the school league committee and other functional departments and the relevant colleges 20 More than student representatives had face-to-face exchanges.




Previously, the school's student union collected various student opinions and suggestions through the online platform of the "rights nest" and the student union mailbox. The person in charge of the school's student union first introduced the preparations for this "School Leaders Reception Day". Afterward, the participating students spoke successively and exchanged views with the heads of functional departments on the latest measures for epidemic prevention and control after the school started, the current international situation under the current international situation, and the receipt of textbooks at the beginning of the school. The teachers listened to the students patiently. Our comments and suggestions and gave detailed answers.


After listening to the students' speeches, Shen Xiaorong said that the school leaders' reception day is one of the important ways of communication between the school and the students. In response to the problems raised by the students, the relevant functional departments should make a list and solve them one by one, to truly do practical things for the students. It is necessary to broaden the communication channels, fully listen to the opinions of the students, and continuously improve the work. Shen Xiaorong hopes that the students will consolidate their professional knowledge, improve humanistic literacy, maintain physical and mental health, achieve happy growth, care about school construction and development, and make contributions to the country in the future.


After the meeting, Pan Xintong from the School of Information and Communication Engineering talked about his feelings about participating in the activity as a student representative, saying that it is very important to build a platform for normal exchanges between students and the school, and hope that more students can participate in the future.


The school students will sort out the detailed replies of various functional departments, follow up the follow-up work of this meeting in real-time, and publish relevant information to teachers and students through the official WeChat of the student union, "rights and interests" and other online platforms.


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