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Accommodation In & Around UIBE

A satisfactory living environment may not only relieve your anxiety and discomfort in a foreign land but may also help you enjoy your study and life. Here we are going to introduce two types of accommodation: on-campus department and out-campus department. Each type has its advantages and students can consider and make their own decision. It should be noted that to respect students’ choice and make full use of the lodging source, students can book accommodation through the online application system after confirmation of being admitted. We will arrange accommodation based on your requirement and allocate houses chronologically till all rooms are reversed.


1. On-campus Residences

Three buildings are available for the international student: Huibin building (#6 building), Huicai building (#5 building), and Huide building (#0 building). There are Standard Rooms and Suites which together contain 550 rooms and more than 1200 beds. All the departments are designed and furnished at the standard of a 2 or 3-star hotel. Besides, we also provide favorable prices and high-standard service to our students.


Huibin building (#6 building)


Huibin House (#6) is a six-floor building with 196 standard rooms and 9 spacious suites. In the middle of each floor, there is a public meeting area, a kitchen, and public toilets.  Each double-bed room is equipped with fine furniture and modern facilities, including a telephone, a TV set, an air conditioner, a private bathroom, and so on. The House also has a computer center, a multifunction hall, a gym, a laundry, and a coffee shop. Public kitchens are on each floor. The front desk can help students fax, photocopy, and book tickets. The offices of the School of International Education, some classrooms, and meeting rooms are also located at this building. At present, the rent for long-term students is RMB 100/day for a standard room and RMB 50/day for a bed.


Huibin House (#6)


Huicai Apartment (#5), completed in September 2002, has 118 suits. Each apartment has a spacious sitting room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and balcony and is furnished with an air conditioner, TV, telephone, network. The price for each room is RMB 130/day (RMB 65/bed). On the east wing, 89 rooms are equipped the same as the Huibin building except for the bathroom. The pubic bathroom is set on every floor. The price is RMB 70/day (RMB 35/bed).


Huicai Apartment (#5)


Huide Apartment (#0), which was put into use in September 2001, has a total of 136 apartments. Each apartment includes a spacious sitting room, double-bed sleeping room, bathroom, kitchen, and balcony and is furnished with an air conditioner, TV, telephone, network. The building has a laundry and a coffee shop. The front desk can help students fax, photocopy and book tickets. The rooms in Huide Apartment are the most spacious ones among these three buildings. The rent for long-term students is RMB 130 ~ 140 per day. (RMB 65 to 70/bed)


A deposit of RMB 2000 is required when check-in and will be refunded when students check out.

Address: The Service Center of School of International Education,

University of International Business and Economics

No.10, Huixin Dongjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China

Tel: (86-10) 64492324/64492442

Fax: (86-10) 64491753


2. Off-campus Accommodation

We introduce the following hotels for reference to those who will not live on campus. There are several hotels in the vicinity that offer rooms to students at reduced rates for long-term occupancy.


Huiqiao Hotel, Yinghua Hotel, and the Mayor's Home are all standard 2- or 3-star hotels right across the street from the west gate of the University. The rooms (with 2 beds) are all air-conditioned, have 24-hour hot water, and are fully furnished. The daily rent is approximately RMB 320.


Besides the hotels mentioned above, the Huiyuan Apartment and North Star Continental Grand Hotel can also be considered as a possible choice.


Huiqiao Hotel

Address: 19 Huixin Dongjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China

Tel: (86-10) 6491-8811

Fax: (86-10) 6491-8117


Yinghua Hotel

Address: 17 Huixin Dongjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China

Tel: (86-10) 6493-4455

Fax: (86-10) 6491-8628


The Mayor's Home

Address: 2 Huixin Nanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China

Tel: (86-10) 6492-2233

Fax: (86-10) 6492-5256


3. Important notes for off-campus housing

According to the government regulations, foreign students who live off-campus must live in housing that has been approved as a legal residence for foreigners. If they choose to live in housing that has not been approved as the legal residence for foreigners, their rights will not be protected by law.

If students would like to move off-campus during their study period, they have to go through the following procedures:


(1) Obtain from the local police station approval for residing temporarily at the new address.

(2) Bring your new temporary residence approval to the service desk of the SIE and fill out the application for moving out.

(3) Bring up-said documents to the Office of Students’ Affairs of SIE and get the permit for moving out.


If students living off-campus would like to move to a new address during their study period, they have to obtain the new approval for residence from the local police station at the new address, then bring it to the Visa Office of SIE and register for the change of address.


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