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Business exchanges and cultural inspection activities


From June 6th to 7th, at the invitation of the People's Government of Bengbu City, Anhui Province, our institute organized 39 high-end foreign aid project students to Bengbu City to participate in the "2019 Huaihe Ecological Economic Belt City and the best and Road' National Economic and Trade Cooperation Exchange Meeting ". Leaders such as Yin Wenquan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Institute of Economic System and Management of the National Development and Reform Commission. Wang Cheng, Deputy Secretary of the Bengbu Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, attended the meeting. Sang Baichuan, Dean of the Institute of International Economics of our school and Dean of the China Free Trade Zone Institute of Strategy The professor attended the conference and gave a wonderful speech on the Sino-US trade war.


Mayor Wang Cheng delivered a speech and expressed his sincere welcome to the arrival of our students on behalf of the Bengbu Municipal Government and the people of the city. He pointed out that Bengbu is making every effort to build a "Belt and Road" economic and trade cooperation platform, and promote river basin cities to strengthen the docking of economic and trade cooperation with "Belt and Road" countries. Hoping to provide overseas students through the "Huiqiao" APP international trade service platform created by Bengbu local enterprises Build convenient bridges for economic and trade cooperation with local enterprises. Five high-end project student representatives from our school made wonderful speeches, sharing the fruitful results and valuable experience of their home countries in participating in the "Belt and Road" initiative. The Bengbu Municipal Government issued the honorary certificate of "Belt and Road" Economic and Trade Cooperation Friendship Envoys to our school students.


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During the conference, the trainees also had on-site discussions with representatives of 31 local enterprises in Bengbu City. During the negotiation, a number of project participants stated that they would report to relevant departments in their home countries after returning to their home countries. Striving to promote some cooperation in substations, engineering, and mining. At the same time, they hope that Chinese companies can set up branches in their home countries to invest or introduce China. Advanced technology and technological process.


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In the afternoon of the 6th, the trainees visited the State Key Laboratory of Float Glass New Technology and Bengbu Fengyuan Group. In the float glass laboratory. The trainees had an in-depth understanding of scientific research and development, engineering services, and float glass production processes. A student of the project, Senegal's Ministry of Finance, OAhmedou Abdu, said: "This is a very good opportunity to visit such a high-tech enterprise. I learned a lot about the glass industry and solar energy." In Fengyuan In the Group's Industrial Project Department, the trainees visited Fengyuan Chemical Company, Lactic Acid, and Polylactic Acid Project, Tiger Biotechnology Co. Ltd. to learn about the main products and production processes of Fengyuan Bio-manufacturing Product Base. Andrea Tarazon, a project participant of the Advanced Research Center for the Development and Emerging Economies of the State of Miranda, Venezuela, said: “I think today’s visit is not only a cultural exchange between countries in the South and South but also our economics. A technical exchange can drive the rapid development of related industries in other countries." On the morning of the 7th, the trainees went to Bengbu City Museum, Yuhui Village Site, China's First Huagu Village-Fengzuizi Village, and other places to conduct cultural inspections. While understanding Bengbu's long history, they experienced the hospitality and excellence traditional culture of local people.


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Business cultural inspection is an important part of the training process of our school's high-end program students. Its purpose is to help international students have the opportunity to experience the achievements of China's economic, social and cultural development firsthand. And enhance their in-depth understanding of China's economy and culture. Participating in the "2019 Huaihe Eco-economic Belt Cities and the Economic and Trade Cooperation Meeting of the belt and Road' Countries" this time will further help high-end project participants to deepen their knowledge and understanding of China's "Belt and Road" initiative. The trainees all expressed that participating in this activity has been very rewarding, and hope that in the future they will have the opportunity to visit more regions in China. Fully experience China's rapid economic development and at the same time experience China's splendid and long history and profound traditional culture. After studying and returning to China, he has made due contributions to promoting economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges between his home country and China.


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