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Master's degree in Chinese

(two years of schooling)


Admissions major

International trade


International business

Business Administration (MBA)


Business management

Finance (International Finance and Investment)

International Law

Civil and Commercial Law

Economic Law

Criminal Law

Procedural law

Constitution and Administrative Law

Administrative Management (International Economic and Trade Management Direction)

International relations

Chinese International Education

Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (Business Communication Orientation)

Translation (Chinese-Korean simultaneous interpretation direction)

Finance (insurance direction, international risk management direction, actuarial and risk management direction)


Application conditions

Have a bachelor's degree, in good health, and have a correspondingly high Chinese language level


Registration date

October 15 to March 15 of the following year

(Please log in to online registration system for online registration.)


Application materials

(Only written in Chinese or English; regardless of whether the applicant is admitted or not, the application materials will not be returned.)

University of International Business and Economics "Application Form" (to be filled out online)

Copies of the final academic qualifications, degree certificates and transcripts of the courses studied

Recommendation letters from two associate professors (or equivalent professional titles) or above experts and scholars

A copy of the guarantor's ID card issued by the guarantor or institution

Copy of applicant's passport or ID

Proof of assets (if necessary, for example bank deposit certificate, the amount needs to exceed the tuition fee)

Non-criminal certificate (if required)

Two recent passport photos with a white background without head covering

Chinese Proficiency Test (New HSK) Level 5 or above certificate (please provide if any, not required)


Entrance examination

Exam time: April each year

Test subjects: written test (Chinese, mathematics and English), interview


Registration fee: RMB 660

(The registration fee is non-refundable)


Tuition prepayment: RMB 4000

(The tuition prepayment is non-refundable. It will be charged when the admission is confirmed, and will be included in the total tuition after the start of school.)



Chinese MBA tuition: RMB 74,000/academic year

International business and translation RMB 40,000/academic year

Other Chinese-taught majors RMB 29,800/academic year

(The tuition fee for the first academic year is paid once at the time of registration and will be paid in semesters thereafter.)


Contact details

Office 101, Building B, International Exchange Building, No.10 Huixin East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Admissions and Project Development Department, School of International Studies, University of International Business and Economics

Post Code: 100029

Phone: (86-10) 64492327, 64492329

Fax: (86-10) 64493820




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