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The School of International Relations was founded in 1949 and was established under the kind care of Premier Zhou Enlai. It is an institution of higher learning rich in fine traditions. For many years, the party and state leaders have attached great importance to and cared about the school-running work. The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Deng Yingchao and other comrades have visited the school many times, talked cordially with teachers and students, and gave great care. Vice Premier Chen Yi wrote the name of the school by himself. Central leading comrades such as Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yun, and Ye Jianying also gave important instructions on the construction and development of our school in different historical periods.

The school once organized training courses for the first batch of "general ambassadors" in New China; in the 1950s, it pioneered a teaching method focusing on contemporary foreign language learning; in 1964, it was listed as a national key university; in 1981, the school became the first batch of masters in the country One of the units with the right to award degrees; in 1983, it was the first to complete the transformation from a single foreign language college to a multi-disciplinary compound college.


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