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1.Q: What kind of university is Nanhua University?


A:University of South China is a comprehensive university jointly established by China National Nuclear Corporation and hunan Provincial People's Government


2.Q: What is the school code of Nanhua University ?




3.Q: How many campuses does Nanhua University have?


A: The school has 2 campuses, namely the South Campus and the North Campus


4.Q: What are the specialty majors of Nanhua University?


A: Nuclear engineering and nuclear technology,Mineral Resources Engineering,Business management,Water Supply and Drainage,Clinical medicine,Preventive Medicine


5.Q: Where is the address of Nanhua University?


A: Urban area of Hengyang City, Hunan Province


6.Q: What is the school motto of Nanhua University?


A: Mingde, erudite, truth-seeking and far-reaching


7.Q: Is Nanhua University a public institution or a private institution?


A: Public


8.Q: How many colleges does Nanhua University have?


A:With engineering and medicine as the main disciplines, philosophy, economics, law, literature, Science, management and art as the main disciplines, the discipline system is coordinated. It has 27 directly affiliated colleges


9.Q: How many students are there in Nanhua University?




10.Q: What is the ranking of Nanhua University in China?


A: The University of South China ranks 267th in the country this year


11.Q: When was Nanhua University founded?


A: 1958


12.Q: How big is the area of Nanhua University?


A: 3000 acres


13.Q: How many majors does Nanhua University have?


A:There are 67 undergraduate programs, 24 master's degree authorization points of first-level disciplines, and 19 master's degree authorization categories. 5 doctoral degree authorization points in first-level disciplines; There are 3 post-doctoral research stations in first-level disciplines


14.Q: If I do not have a passport, can I apply for Nanhua University?


A: No


15.Q: How many students can get scholarships from Nanhua University?


A: Students who pass the scholarship assessment can get


16.Q: What discipline does Nanhua University focus on?


A: The school has formed a discipline and professional system that focuses on engineering and medicine, and 9 disciplines including philosophy, economics, law, literature, science, management, and art.


17.Q: How is the surrounding environment of Nanhua University?


A: The environment is natural and the air is good


18.Q: How are the campus facilities of Nanhua University?


A: The campus has complete facilities and convenient life


19.Q: How is the traffic near Nanhua University?


A: Convenient transportation, both subway and bus taxis


20.Q: Can I live off campus if I am accepted by the school?


A: No








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