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Chinese Language Training Admissions Guide


SCIE offers pre-university Chinese, long-term Chinese, short-term Chinese, study tours, HSK test guidance and other courses that meet various needs. There are different levels of teaching classes, which can be adapted to meet the needs of students from beginners to advanced levels. Claim. There are compulsory courses and elective courses for each level. Compulsory courses are 20 hours per week. Students can choose courses and hours for elective courses freely. Church teaching emphasizes teacher-student interaction, lively and interesting, allowing students to learn Chinese and love Chinese in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, and ultimately enable students to master language skills and communicate with Chinese confidently. At the same time, SCIE adheres to the small-class teaching model and is "student-centered", which has become a distinctive feature in the teaching community of Chinese as a foreign language in Shanghai.


SCIE actively carries out research on the application and teaching of Chinese internationalization and has designed special teaching methods to break the traditional model that has been inherited for many years. It advocates learner-oriented, emphasizes oral English first, based on popular and practical; through the most direct and effective means to realize the friendly communication effect of Chinese; students only need to understand the morphology and syntax after knowing the pinyin, without having to touch the Chinese characters, and speak directly. Then, according to the students’ interest, with unique literacy methods, students can easily and quickly break through the basic character literacy barriers (whether they are from Europe, America, Japan, Korea, or Southeast Asia, they can recognize 50-65 Chinese characters in the first two hours). Dispel foreign countries Students are afraid of Chinese characters and learn Chinese characters easily with a strong sense of accomplishment so that they can comprehensively improve their Chinese proficiency from the four aspects of "listening, speaking, reading and writing" until they successfully pass the HSK proficiency test. Some of the international students trained by our school can reach HSK level 5 after less than one year of study.


Download link of application form:

Language Student Admission Application Form.doc



Teacher Fei, Room 107, Hujiang College


Phone: +86-21-55271930


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