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Foreign students' English teaching major construction achievements



On May 19, our university held the acceptance meeting of the achievements of all English teaching majors and curriculum construction for foreign students in 2020 and the work launching meeting in 2021. The leaders of related majors and courses reported the achievements of the first phase of construction. The leaders and evaluation experts of the academic affairs office, the personnel department (Teacher Development Center), the graduate school, the International Communications Office (International Student Office), the finance department, and Hujiang College attended the meeting, and vice President Cai Yonglian presided over the meeting.


President Cai first put forward the general requirements for foreign students' English teaching major and curriculum construction. She pointed out that English teaching should meet the requirements of the "14th five-year plan" of the standard school and the reform of university classification evaluation, and the project construction should be systematic and leading. As an important starting point of studying in China during the 14th Five Year Plan period, the construction of majors and courses for international students is an important support for the connotation construction of studying in China and the systematic improvement of the level of education in China. It helps to steadily expand the enrollment scale of international students and serve the overall goal of opening up school education to the outside world. In addition, teachers should actively practice the online and offline mixed teaching mode, and relevant departments should explore the establishment of more objective evaluation indicators, so that the construction experience can not only lead but also be copied and popularized.


Subsequently, the representatives of the responsible persons of Optical Engineering (Master level) and other 8 courses in 2020 made wonderful achievements. After the report, Professor Zhu Jianmin and other experts made serious, professional and pertinent comments on the achievements and problems of the course construction, and put forward some suggestions for the follow-up construction. The National Communications Office (International Student Office) gave a briefing on the project approval of the approved construction project in 2021, and each course leader signed the "instructions for course construction tasks".


The results show an acceptance meeting provides a good platform for the exchange and experience sharing between different majors and course builders. All majors and courses will further connect with the construction of "first-class Courses" at the national, provincial and ministerial levels and the construction of Demonstration Courses for international students in Shanghai universities, adding new momentum to promote the education level and international development of international students.


Speech by Vice President Cai Yonglian





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