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Graduate students paint the joy of spring with brushes



Gu Yuzhi, spring is strong. The passage of the solar terms tells the Chinese people and the natural things. In Gu Yu's moist atmosphere, the Graduate Work Department invited teachers and students from various colleges to paint the joy of spring with heavy-color oil pastels. The most intimate aesthetic connection between teachers and students and this spring is the integration of emotion into the scene, the painting of the scene, and the strokes of the pen.




This is not an art class, not an art lecture, but a pop-up aesthetic experience activity for graduate students. All teachers of the Graduate Work Department, Zhang Yu, Huang Lin, Su Haiming, Shi Yan from the Marathon Academy, the Optoelectronics College, and Hujiang College, the school union teacher Zhang Yudi, and more than 10 graduate students from various colleges participated in this event.




When visiting Tsinghua University on April 19, General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "Fine arts, art, science, and technology complement each other, promote each other, and complement each other." Teachers and students have different academic backgrounds, just to keep the spring in their hearts with painting. Use the time of a cup of tea to contemplate the beauty of the rain in the valley, composition, color selection, dyeing, scratching... the beautiful scenery of spring is vividly placed on paper, put into a frame, and then choose one or two to hang on the branches and blend into the grandest spring take a bow.




"Take the spring a hundred times a day, and walk in the direction of no feet." Chun is tender in the eyes of people's anticipation, and it becomes prosperous in the rain. It is the warm and refreshing breeze blowing on the face, the new buds emerging from the verdant branches, or the clusters of flowers in the depths of memory. Beauty is not in "skills", but in the aesthetic experience of mingling with and forgetting both.




Invite nature into the painting and draw the best appearance of spring. Dialogue with solar terms with paintbrushes, we are all estheticians in life. Aesthetics is not education, but cultivation. Aesthetic experience is integrated into the daily campus, and the cultivation of aesthetic ability is integrated into the classroom of various disciplines. The graduate work department is on the road with all teachers and students.




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