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Students won the second prize in the Competition



On April 18th, the results of the 11th National College Student Mathematics Contest (final) hosted by the Chinese Mathematical Society and undertaken by Wuhan University were announced. Our school's student performance achieved breakthroughs. Liu Hui, a student majoring in mathematics and applied mathematics from the Faculty of Science, won the mathematics major, national Second Prize in Grade Group.


The National Mathematics Competition for College Students, founded in 2009, is the highest level of basic mathematics competition for college students in China organized by the Chinese Mathematical Society. It aims to discover and select outstanding mathematics talents and further promote the reform and development of mathematics curriculum construction in colleges and universities. Nearly 170,000 students from 849 colleges and universities participated in the preliminary contest of this year's mathematics competition. The coverage of the competition has been significantly improved compared with previous years, providing young students with a new stage to showcase their mathematics skills and thinking. After fierce competition and selection, 605 students from 204 colleges and universities entered the national finals. Liu Hui worked hard to compete with students from 985 colleges and universities such as Fudan and Peking University. He stood out from the 318 professional group students and achieved good results.


In recent years, our school has attached great importance to the organization and training of national college students' mathematics competitions. For ten consecutive years, the Office of Academic Affairs took the lead and the School of Science hosted the school-level "Star of Science" mathematics competition to reserve talents for the national college students' mathematics competition, and continuously improve the students' professional theoretical knowledge and innovative ability. At the same time, during the preparation phase, the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Science selected outstanding teachers to form a competition guidance team and used vacation or evening time to guide students and provide targeted guidance, which achieved significant results.






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