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Cooperation agreement



On the morning of April 21, the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and ECCOM Ark Technology Co., Ltd. held a cooperation agreement signing ceremony. President Ding Xiaodong, Academician Zhuang Songlin, Dean of the School of Optoelectronics, and Chairman Wu Guangsheng, the founder of ECCOM Ark Technology Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony. Zhang Xuedian, Executive Vice Dean of the School of Optoelectronics, and Luo Rui, President of ECCOM Ark Technology Co., Ltd., signed the cooperation agreement as representatives of both parties. The ceremony was presided over by Zhu Yiming, deputy dean of the Institute of Terahertz Technology Innovation of the School of Optoelectronics.


Ding Xiaodong gave a welcome speech, introducing the school's development history and the school's remarkable achievements in the construction of high-level local universities. He emphasized that the school attaches great importance to the construction and development of the terahertz technical team and looks forward to fruitful results from the cooperation between the two parties. Wu Guangsheng thanked the school for its help and support to ECCOM Ark Group and hopes to join hands with our school to jointly promote cooperation in the subdivision of terahertz products and work hard in the direction of establishing a national brand.






Since last year, the school and ECCOM's Ark have been actively negotiating. The two parties intend to develop a long-term and stable cooperative relationship, promote the research and development of terahertz technology, and strengthen the coordinated development of terahertz basic research and applied research. A batch of "industry-university-research" cooperation achievements have been created in the fields of medical testing and non-destructive testing.


The signing of this cooperation agreement has established a platform for the two parties to establish a close relationship and expand cooperation fields. Both parties will fully share resources, complement each other's advantages, focus on the development of terahertz products and industrialization, and improve the development of my country's terahertz technology industrialization and products. Transformation ability, while contributing to the promotion of terahertz technology and actively helping our school to build a high-level university.






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