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Graduate programs

1. Eligibility

1.1 Applicants should be residents of non-Chinese nationality who are physically and mentally healthy, have good conduct, have corresponding academic qualifications, Chinese proficiency, and hold a foreign passport;

1.2 Applicants for master's degree, generally under 40 years old (inclusive), have a degree equivalent to a bachelor's degree in a Chinese university, and must pass HSK Level 5 in Chinese-taught programs;

1.3 Applicants for Ph.D. candidates, generally under 45 years of age (inclusive), have a degree equivalent to a master's degree in a Chinese university and must pass HSK level 6 in Chinese-taught programs.


2. Application time

Every year from December 15th to June 15th of the following year.


3. Contact for registration

Phone: +86-10-62332943 Fax: +86-10-62327878



4. Cost (RMB)


Language of instruction


registry fee

dorm room


master's degree




Double Room: 1500/month/bed

Quadruple Room: 750/month/bed











Due to the limited number of rooms in the international student dormitory on campus, students who have not checked in successfully must contact off-campus accommodation by themselves;

The Ministry of Education of China stipulates that international students in China must purchase medical insurance in China. Students can check-in and pay the fee on the day of registration. Otherwise, the school will not apply for registration.


5. How to apply

Apply online and submit the registration fee (600 yuan).

Note: The postgraduate application adopts the online application method, and paper materials are not required to be sent. Regardless of whether you are admitted or not, the registration fee is not refundable.


6. Application materials

6.1 Registration form, log in to the registration system and fill in the information;

6.2 The degree certificate (undergraduate, master's degree) must be a notarized original in Chinese or English;

Note: Fresh graduates provide a pre-graduation certificate or a certificate of enrollment at the time of application. After being admitted, they must submit a degree certificate to obtain the admission qualification;

6.3 (Undergraduate, master's degree) transcripts, including all courses and grading standards, must be notarized originals in Chinese or English;

6.4 Personal statement (including research plan), master's degree 800 words or more, Ph.D. 1500 words or more, written in Chinese or English;

Template download: "Postgraduate Application Statement of USTB Master, Ph.D. Application"

6.5 Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors, at least one is familiar with the current major;

6.6 Language scores:

a) Study in Chinese: Master's degree needs to pass HSK Level 5, Ph.D. needs to pass HSK Level 6;

b) Study in English (English unofficial language): IELTS 6 points, or TOEFL 80 points, or another official English proficiency certificate.

6.7 Copy of passport (must be a valid ordinary passport);

6.8 Health certificate;

Template download: "Physical Examination Form for Foreigners"

6.9 Financial guarantee letter;

Template download: "Letter of Financial Guarantee (USTB)"

6.10 Instructor acceptance letter;

Template download: "Tutor Acceptance Letter"

6.11 Catalogues and abstracts of published academic articles, and other original work results;


7. Admission results

The International Student Center will announce the admission list at the end of June; at the beginning of July, it will send out admission notices and other materials. Please carefully confirm the mailing address or collection method when filling in the registration form.


8. Enrollment time

At the beginning of September each year, the specific time is subject to the "Admission Notice". Admitted students must go through the admission and registration procedures at the University of Science and Technology Beijing in strict accordance with the time specified in the admission notice.


9. Scholarship Information

For specific information and application time of the scholarship, please refer to the scholarship introduction on the website of the International Student Center of University of Science and Technology Beijing;


9.1 Chinese Government Scholarship

1) Country award project type A

Apply through the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad, the application time is generally from November to April each year, please check in advance. When filling in the application information for the Chinese Government Scholarship, you must select "University of Science and Technology Beijing" as the first choice of the applying institution. You can contact our school in advance to apply for a "pre-admission notice".

2) University graduate program type B

You can apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship from the University of Science and Technology Beijing, the institution code is 10008.


9.2 Dingxin Scholarship for International Students of University of Science and Technology Beijing

You can apply to the University of Science and Technology Beijing International Student Dingxin Scholarship, including full scholarship (tuition, dorm room, living expenses, Insurance), part of the scholarship.


9.3 Beijing Scholarships for Foreign Students

You can apply for the University of Science and Technology Beijing Scholarship for Foreign Students to fund part of the tuition, including the full award (master's degree 30000 yuan/year, Ph.D. 40000  yuan/year) and some awards.


10. Accommodation registration

10.1 International students live in the dorm room on campus, and the dorm room service counter handles the registration procedures with the public security organs.

10.2 International students renting houses outside the school must go through the registration procedures at the local public security agency within 24 hours.


11. Visa

Admitted students are required to apply for a study visa (X visa) to China at the Chinese Embassy with the admission notice and study visa application form (JW201/JW202). Go to the International Student Center to convert the X visa into a residence permit for study within 30 days after arriving in China.

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