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Hold online knowledge competition

From June 24th to 26th local time, in order to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, the University of Science and Technology Beijing and De Montfort University jointly established a Confucius Institute and held an online knowledge contest of "Zongye Piaoxiang Talking about Dragon Boat Festival", Confucius Institute students actively participated in the competition.



Figure 1 – Screenshot of the bilingual video of the Dragon Boat Festival


With the global epidemic spreading, the Confucius Institute was unable to organize on-site activities to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival as in previous years, but it still introduced the Dragon Boat Festival and its traditional customs to Chinese students through multiple bilingual videos elaborately produced by volunteers teachers.

At the same time, the Confucius Institute organized a knowledge contest on the Dragon Boat Festival on the Kahoot interactive learning platform, which aroused great interest among students and received wide acclaim.

As of the afternoon of the 26th, a total of more than 60 Chinese students from the Confucius Institute have participated in the knowledge contest. The winning students will receive prizes such as Chinese knot ornaments and brush sets.



Figure 2-Students actively participate in the Dragon Boat Festival knowledge contest


Shahab Khan, a Chinese student at the Confucius Institute, wrote in the feedback email: “The Dragon Boat Festival game designed by the Confucius Institute is very interesting. The knowledge contest has taught me a lot about Chinese cultures.

Thank you! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!” Student Amber (Amber Page) said that she is very interested in the custom of tying colorful ropes. At the Dragon Boat Festival, she tied colorful ropes to her family's wrists, hoping that the colorful ropes can take away the disease and hope that the global epidemic will end soon.

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