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Offline welcome activities


The cool autumn breeze took away the heat of summer, and our school ushered in a new group of international students. Under the complex situation of maintaining careful management and control in the post-epidemic period, with the joint efforts of all parties, the offline welcome work of the International College has been carried out smoothly.




On September 1, 74 international freshmen in China arrived in the East District of the University of Science and Technology. Under the organization and coordination of the International College, the Security and Campus Management Office, the school hospital, and Chinese and foreign student volunteers, they completed the work at the school gate and the auditorium. After completing the verification of health code and registration materials, as well as nucleic acid and antibody testing, the registration procedures such as student registration and dormitory check-in were successfully completed, and the welcome kit was received. Affected by the epidemic, the more than 200 new international students admitted this year are temporarily unable to register at the school. The International College is intensively preparing for online registration-related work.




In order to ensure the smooth, orderly and safe admission of international students under the complex situation of epidemic control and control, the International College has made sufficient and comprehensive preparations and held several orientation meetings to discuss the situation of epidemic prevention and control and the risks of epidemics in various countries. According to the level, it is divided into domestic freshmen and overseas freshmen, and two plans for offline and online welcome are formulated in a targeted manner. In order to do a good job of registering for domestic freshmen, the International College has established a domestic freshman QQ group to facilitate timely communication of relevant policies and notices; established a domestic freshman tracking and registration and a health check-in system to grasp their current location, contact history, and fever history , 14-day travel history, travel plan, planned check-in time, and transportation to school, and organize all domestic freshmen to check-in online health cards and report their health status. At the same time, we have carried out careful and meticulous arrangements in terms of assisting in visa processing, dormitory preparation, campus card, bank account opening, student registration, and Chinese language course arrangement. The International College also actively makes appointments with local police stations, inspection and quarantine centers, and entry-exit administrations to arrange accommodation registration, physical examinations, and residence permits for international students.




In order to help the freshmen of international students get familiar with and integrate into the study and life in HKUST as soon as possible, the International College called on the Foreign Students Association to organize a campus tour and held a one-day freshman in the lecture hall on the fifth floor of the East District Teacher and Student Activity Center on September 7. Entrance Education.


Present at the Entrance Education Conference were Qu Kun, Minister of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Jiang Jiajie, Deputy Minister of International Cooperation and Exchanges and Deputy Dean of the International College, Zhang Luyang, Deputy Chief of the Foreign Affairs Management Section of the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau, and Police Officer Wang Shangfang, and Deputy Station of Wuhu Road Police Station. Chief Dai Wenhai and Dai Chunfa police officers, staff of the International Academy, and all freshmen who registered offline. This conference was hosted by teacher Shen Yizhu of the International College.




Qu Kun, Minister of International Cooperation and Exchanges, gave an opening speech and expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the new students. Combined with the development of China in recent years, he told international students the story of China, showing that China’s rapid development cannot be separated from a people-oriented China The leadership of the Communist Party is inseparable from the support of the hardworking, courageous and dedicated Chinese people, and the importance of education by all Chinese people. Then, he introduced the history of the founding and development of the University of Science and Technology of China, encouraging international students to make full use of the resources provided by the school, actively integrate into China, and inherit and carry forward the innate "international vision" and "social responsibility" of the University of Science and Technology. Contribute to the development of the world.




Police Officer Wang Shangfang of the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau and Dai Wenhai, deputy director of the Wuhu Road Police Station, respectively introduced the entry-exit management law, the regulations on the management of foreign religious activities, the anti-drug law, and the public security management regulations to be paid attention to while studying in China. Hope that the international students know, understand, abide by, and abide by the law. Subsequently, teacher Wang Qingqing from the library introduced the layout of our school's major libraries, online and offline resources and various service facilities to the freshmen. Teachers Xu Junmei, Teacher Ran Yi and Teacher Tian Lin of the International College gave detailed explanations on the management of student status, Chinese language class requirements, the selection process of the International College and the recruitment of enrollment ambassadors.


At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, enrollment education continued. Teacher Fu Xiaoyu of the International College explained the scholarship-related management regulations to the freshmen, Mr. Hu Jiayu introduced the school’s colorful student activities, Mr. Wu Hao emphasized the regulations on accommodation management and visa processing to the freshmen, Mr. Peng Xiaoyan's counseling on campus safety and psychological counseling And medical insurance. After the lectures of the teachers, the chairperson of the meeting, Mr. Shen Yizhu, led the freshmen to make a brief review of the key contents of entrance education.




Finally, Jiang Jiajie, Deputy Minister of International Cooperation and Exchange Department and Deputy Dean of International College, made a concluding speech, congratulating the freshmen who stood out from the more than 10,000 applicants and were finally accepted by our school. In a special period when the number of international student applications caused by the epidemic has fallen sharply, the University of Science and Technology of China still maintains its appeal to top students at home and abroad. After introducing the basic situation of the University of Science and Technology as one of the top 100 universities in the world, he encouraged everyone to fully meet the challenge, learn to deal with pressure, adapt to Chinese culture, and actively seize the opportunities given by the University of Science and Technology, study hard, and achieve success.




After the speeches of all leaders, police officers and teachers, the freshmen at the scene asked the teachers questions about their doubts and received adequate responses and answers.


At this point, the first class of the 2020 class of offline registration freshmen has successfully concluded. Sincerely welcome international students to come to China University of Science and Technology and embark on a new and splendid journey.

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