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The University of Science and Technology of China is a comprehensive national key university affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences that focuses on cutting-edge science and high-tech and combines medicine and characteristic liberal arts. The school currently has 30 colleges (faculties), including 7 colleges of science and education integration; there are Suzhou Institute for Advanced Study, Shanghai Research Institute, Beijing Research Institute, Advanced Technology Research Institute, International Finance Research Institute, and the First Affiliated Hospital (Anhui Province hospital).


The school was established in Beijing in September 1958, with Guo Moruo as the first principal. This is a red university founded by our party, and it is a university established for the cause of "two bombs and one star". Her establishment is called "a major event in the history of education and science in our country." After the establishment of the school, the Chinese Academy of Sciences implemented the school-running policy of "the whole school, the integration of the departments and departments", and cultivated cutting-edge scientific and technological talents in emerging, marginal and interdisciplinary fields from a high starting point and a wide range. It brought together Yan Jaci, Hua Luogeng, Qian Xuesen, Zhao Zhongyao, Guo Yonghuai, And famous scientists such as Zhao Jiuzhang and Bei Shizhang listed as national key universities in the second year of the school.


In early 1970, the school moved to Hefei, Anhui Province. Since 1978, the school has been determined to reform and innovate boldly. It has taken the lead in proposing and implementing a series of innovative and forward-looking educational reform measures in the country. It has established a juvenile class, established a graduate school for the first time, built a national science project, and opened up to the world to run schools, etc. It has become an important base for the training of high-quality talents and high-level scientific research in the country. It is one of the first universities in the country to implement the "985 Project" and "211 Project". In September 2017, the school was selected as one of the first batches of world-class universities and world-class discipline construction universities in the country. A total of 11 disciplines were selected into the list of world-class discipline construction. Over the past 60 years since its establishment, the school has adhered to the school motto of advancing both red and professional, combining theory and practice, daring to be the first and forging ahead, cultivated a large number of outstanding talents with both ability and political integrity, and achieved a series of world-renowned scientific research results. Development has made an important contribution.


The school's party committee took General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important instructions of the University of Science and Technology of China as a guide for school development and continuously enhanced the “four consciousnesses”, strengthened the “four self-confidence”, and achieved “two safeguards”. Persevering in the two core tasks of "research and innovation", vigorously promote the construction of "double first-class", plan for the development of the "14th Five-Year Plan", and strive to build a world-class university with Chinese characteristics and the style of the University of Science and Technology.


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