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Welcome to the Chinese New Year

As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox is approaching, on February 9th, Lei Shifu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, Wang Aiju, Dean, Xu Hui, Deputy Secretary, counselors, and some teacher representatives went to the Fengyuan Dormitory Park to cordially visit international students. Teachers and students participated in the Spring Festival cultural experience activity "Welcome the New Year and Taste the New Year" to celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year Festival.

The college has meticulously designed and prepared Spring Festival cultural experience activities, writing Spring Festival couplets, cutting window grilles, composing Chinese knots, guessing riddles, and sayings poems. The activities are rich in content and diverse in form, which fully demonstrates the long history and profoundness of traditional culture to international students. The instructor briefly introduced the origin and development of the Spring Festival couplets, window grilles, Chinese knots, and other projects and the Chinese culture contained in them in both Chinese and English, and gradually explained and demonstrated the corresponding methods. The students listened with an open mind, actively interacted, tried hard, and after repeated polishing, A pair of exquisite and beautiful window grilles, one unique Chinese knot, and a series of chic spring couplets were born from the "foreign" students. The students were very happy and all expressed that the event was very "year-old" and benefited a lot.

Since the winter vacation, the college’s faculty and staff have been linked online and offline, connecting inside and outside the school, and doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control of students in school from life security, assistance in difficulties, psychological care, and other aspects, as well as student management services during holidays. Taking the Spring Festival series of activities as an opportunity, Based on cultural confidence, tell Chinese stories well, so that students at home and abroad can experience Chinese festival culture and customs together, and have a good Chinese New Year, so that students in school can spend the winter vacation and Spring Festival in a safe, harmonious, warm and civilized manner. 











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