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The beginning of the study of the Luo family in Yun Shang

At 7 am on March 13, 2021, the Institute of International Education held a special live broadcast of "Under the Cherry Blossom Tree". Three international students from Chad, Bangladesh, and Turkey and the staff of the admissions office showed the beautiful Wuhan University campus to international students and applicants from all over the world under the cherry blossoms in the morning, and introduced the famous Wuhan University disciplines. . After the release of this video, the click-through rate continued to increase, so that the spring scenery of Wuhan University spread to all corners of the world.


From March 1, 2021, the live broadcast of the "2021 Cloud Luojia, Studying in Wuhan University" online enrollment promotion series including "Scholarship Application Q&A", "International Chinese Teachers Special", "Chinese Language Training Special" and other themes have been held. Secondly, 20 live broadcasts will be launched successively for fresh students, applicants at home and abroad, overseas cooperative colleges, overseas educational institutions, etc., in the follow-up period for admissions in fall 2021.

Successful propaganda experience proves that under the current international situation, new content, new methods, and new measures are the magic weapon to better adapt to changes in global demand for studying abroad. The enrollment team of the School of International Education has comprehensively built a series of publicity forms, expression content, equipment preparation, guest design, etc., and designed a series of online publicity and enrollment publicity activities in 2021, striving to achieve the quality of international students in Wuhan University under the new situation. Continuous improvement and further stabilization of scale. 


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