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Overseas students experience Chinese culture

On April 8, on the special day of the first anniversary of Wuhan’s unblocking, teachers and students of the School of International Education went to Jiangxia Tea Culture Museum to carry out a unique tea culture experience activity. The teachers of the Chinese Language Teaching and Research Section and some international students in the school walked into the green mountains and experienced traditional culture, and felt the vitality and vitality of Wuhan after the restart.


On the day of the event, the sun was shining and full of life. In order to allow international students to better experience and understand traditional Chinese tea culture, under the leadership of the museum teacher, the teachers and students first learn the "tea picking dance" together, and then blindfolded, experience the process of different tea tastes and heart, and then introduced by the teacher The characteristics of different varieties of tea.


The focus of this experience activity is tea picking, tea frying, and tea ceremony. After arriving at the tea plantation, the teachers and students were immediately attracted by the beauty of the tea plantation in front of them. After the museum teacher introduced the tea picking method, everyone couldn't wait to put on their bamboo baskets, rolled up their sleeves, and started picking tea. According to the teacher of the Tea Museum, tea picking emphasizes "one tip and one leaf". Although the international students are picking tea for the first time, they are full of energy and harvest. Finally, the teachers voted to select three international students who picked the largest amount of tea and the best quality of tea. At the same time, the teachers also competed in groups, and finally, the "Qingshan Team" won first place in the tea picking competition.


The teachers and students also watched and experienced fried tea. Teacher Li, who showed everyone the process of roasting tea, once went to the Wanlin Museum of Wuhan University to give a lecture on tea culture. Russian student Ma Zhe thinks this process is very magical and even tried the fried tea personally.


Toasting tea is a ceremony full of traditional Chinese virtues. The museum teacher explained how to offer tea to the elders and peers. The teachers and students offered tea to each other under the guidance of the teacher. Obino, a student from Benin, heard about these etiquettes for the first time and felt very interesting, saying that he did not expect a cup of tea to have so much knowledge.


Finally, the museum teacher led the teachers and students to visit the Tea Culture Museum to learn about the history of tea culture and tea tasting equipment. The teachers and students were full of enthusiasm as if they had traveled thousands of years ago and felt the evolution of tea culture immersively.

The international students who participated in this tea culture experience activity came from South Korea, Russia, Benin, Turkey, and other countries. Some of them stayed in school during the epidemic, and some returned to school as soon as the epidemic passed. On the first anniversary of Wuhan’s unblocking, they came into close contact with traditional Chinese culture and personally felt the vitality of Wuhan’s recovery. The Chinese teachers of the International Education College said that this practical activity is a useful attempt for them to train international students. In the face of international students, how to tell Chinese stories, spread the voice of China, and let them perceive and fall in love with Chinese culture has always been their direction.

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