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Leaders inspect dormitory building

The winter vacation is approaching, and the domestic epidemic situation has rebounded again. Dean Huang Xiaoyong of the International Education College is concerned about the safety of international students in China after his busy work. On the afternoon of January 5, 2021, accompanied by Li Li, deputy dean of the School of International Education and director of the International Student Education Management Center, Dean Huang and his party inspected the school’s dormitory for international students in China.



The safety of international students in China has always been the focus of the management of international students in China. Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the safety of international students in China involves epidemic safety, health safety, fire safety, personal safety, property safety, traffic safety, etc. In terms of this, Dean Huang Xiaoyong attaches great importance to this. During the dormitory inspection process, Dean Huang repeatedly emphasized to the property company and the dormitory on-duty master that we must pay attention to maintaining the sanitation and safety of the dormitory and strengthen the elimination of the public areas of the dormitory; it is necessary to carry out entry and exit control management by school rules and regulations. Keep abreast of student dynamics; in the cold winter season, the weather is dry and things are dry, we must increase the investigation and punishment of the illegal use of electrical appliances by international students, and maintain the fire-fighting facilities and equipment. During the inspection, Dean Huang Xiaoyong and Vice Dean Li Li also personally opened the fire-fighting showcase to carefully inspect the relevant fire-fighting equipment.




During the inspection, when encountering foreign students in China, Dean Huang Xiaoyong always greeted them enthusiastically, inquired about and cared about their life and study conditions at school, and urged them not to go out unless necessary during daily and winter vacations, and not to go to high school for the epidemic. In risk areas, you must wear a mask when you go out, take your body temperature, and report to the teacher on duty and the teacher on duty when you go out, and return to the dormitory on time. When an individual student wanted to move out of the international student dormitory to live off-campus, Dean Huang Xiaoyong patiently did his ideological work, emphasizing the school’s relevant regulations, and expressing the school’s consideration and ardent care for students safety. The students readily accepted this, saying Continue to live in the dormitory on campus.




Dean Huang Xiaoyong and Vice Dean Li Li conducted a careful inspection of all dormitories for foreign students on the Mafangshan campus, expressed satisfaction with the current property management and the safety and epidemic prevention work of international students in China, and expressed their condolences to the hard work of the property masters. At the same time, they also Put forward higher work requirements to the Education Management Center for International Students in China: Put the safety management of international students in China on the overall and overall height of the school’s safety management and do a safe work plan and safe on-duty work during the winter vacation. International students in China Teachers in charge of the Education Management Center must have a high sense of responsibility and mission and do their best to guard the safety of international students so that international students in China can enjoy a peaceful and unforgettable Chinese New Year in Wuhan.

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