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Hold the information construction work conference

On the afternoon of October 27, 2020, the Education Management Center for International Students in China held a meeting on the informatization construction of the center, and conducted exchanges and cooperation negotiations on English website construction, network promotion platform construction, and international student management system. Li Li, deputy dean of the School of International Education, relevant members of the Education Management Center for International Students in China, and Xiao Hongchang, deputy general manager of Wuhan Network Technology Co., Ltd. in China attended the meeting.

Dean Li emphasized that strengthening and perfecting the construction of international student management information is an important guarantee and basic means to complete the indicators of our school's"14th Five-Year Plan". It is necessary to keep up with the development of the times and closely integrate the current development of international student education. The center website structure puts forward specific requirements. Mr. Xiao demonstrated and introduced the website construction plan, publicity plan, and the characteristics and advantages of the new generation of the international student management system. Everyone exchanged views on the website content and design plan. Colleagues discussed and proposed amendments based on experience and actual needs of international students. Everyone put forward constructive plans and suggestions on the measures that the school can take in the future enrollment publicity of international students.


The center attaches great importance to the publicity and management of international student enrollment and hopes that the two parties will further strengthen cooperation, and further clarify the project brand building and overseas enrollment publicity cooperation plan based on the latest national policies and the actual situation of global epidemic prevention, to promote the steady development of our school’s international student career.


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