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"Perception China" activity successfully launched

To promote exchanges between international students in China and Chinese students, and to further help international students in China understand the current situation of China's economic and social development in the new stage of cognitive development, and cultivate students' understanding of China and friendship with China, Wuhan University of Technology School of International Education and the internationalization of materials science and engineering The Demonstration College jointly organized a series of " Perceptions of China " national conditions education activities.



On the afternoon of April 22, the "Perception of China" national conditions education series jointly organized by the International Demonstration Institute of Materials and Materials Science and Engineering of the International Education Institute kicked off in the Nanhu Library Lecture Hall. Party Secretary Xu Xiangnong International Institute of Education, School of Materials demonstration party secretary Su Kui, Huang Xiaoyong President of the International Institute of Education, School of Materials demonstration executive president Liu Han, Li Li, vice president of International Education, School of Materials student representatives to attend the demonstration activities, activities Attracted more than 50 international students to China to participate.


Xu Xiangnong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of International Education, introduced in his opening speech that this series of activities focused on China's reform and opening up, poverty alleviation, community with a shared future for mankind, and great achievements in the fight against the epidemic. The entire event began in April and ended in October. He put forward requirements for international students and students from the Materials Demonstration College. He hoped that the students would actively participate in various activities to gain a deep understanding of the historical process of China’s reform and opening up, the current status of China’s economic and social development, China’s national conditions and Chinese culture, and to strengthen it through this activity. Exchange, learn from each other, and improve together.




Subsequently, Su Kui, secretary of the Party Committee of the Material Demonstration College, introduced the overall situation of the Material Demonstration College to the audience. Li Xinyue, an assistant researcher at the Materials Demonstration Institute, introduced the breakthroughs China has made in the economy, science, and technology since the reform and opening up, and specifically analyzed the development process of China's energy storage technology with the theme of "The Road to Rejuvenating the Country through Science and Education since Reform and Opening Up". After that, Zhu Youlin, a 2019 -level doctoral student of the Materials Demonstration College, took "Reform and Opening-up in My Eyes" as the topic, and compared and analyzed his series of experiences and insights from elementary school, middle and high school to university, from education resources to transportation. , Communication technology, payment methods, etc. shared personal experiences and explained the tremendous changes brought about by the reform and opening up to the country, society, and individuals.


At the end of the event, the participating teachers and students had a warm and friendly exchange with the two speakers. So far, the first phase of the "Perception of China" national conditions education activity has come to a successful conclusion. In the later period, we will carry out more activities on topics such as the results of poverty alleviation, building a community with a shared future for mankind, and the great anti-epidemic spirit.



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