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Wuhan City, which has been a long story for thousands of years, was once well-known as “Oriental Chicago” where there were a variety of products supplied here at all hours of the night and day. For now, more than 120,000 commercial centers have been founded in Wuhan. Three retail enterprises rank among China’s top 30 chain enterprises. In 2009, the total volume of retail sales reaches 216,409,000,000 RMB Yuan. The local retail enterprises include Wuhan Group, Zhongshan Group, Hanshang Group, and Zhongbai Group. Many famous domestic enterprises have entered the Wuhan market, such as the Grand Ocean Department Store, New World Department Store, Hualian Group, Wangfujing Group. Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) headquarters also lies in Wuhan City of China. Besides, the city opens to foreign enterprises, such the Fortune 500 companies as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, and Metro AG.

Wuhan has become the largest modern metropolis of business in central China.


1. Wuguang Commercial Circle

Wuguang Commercial Circle is the busiest circle in Wuhan, consisting of many shopping malls, such as Wuhan Plaza, Wuhan International Plaza, and June-field Department Shopping Center (SOGO), and Wuhan International Convention Center where a series of large-scale activities are held over years. In recent years, the Circle has developed into one of the places which best represent Wuhan’s commerce by relying on Wuhan Plaza which receives the greatest number of visitors and consumers.


2. Jianghan Road Commercial Circle

Jianghan Road Commercial Circle is definitely the commercial center of Wuhan City. Jianghan Road Street is 1,550 meters in length. Just like a street museum, it witnesses the growth and development of Wuhan City. In recent years, a wide variety of commercial brands have opened stores in the Circle, including China’s time-honored brands and other brands well-known at home and abroad which set up franchise stores and chain stores. The Circle has become the busiest heartland in Wuhan for leisure and shopping by following the tide of vogue. You may enjoy your sightseeing at night, except for shopping. There is a colorful and all-night party waiting for you.


3. Zhongjiacun Village Commercial Circle

The emergency of Zhongjiacun Village Commercial Circle suggests a revolutionary wave of C-mall which covers Vogue Walk Street, Causeway Bay Department, Barber Shop, and coffee shop for both reading and drinking. New World Department and Hanyang Mall also opened stores in the Circle in succession. Diversified forms of trade and commerce enrich and enhance the circle value of the whole Zhongjiacun Village and the central area of Hanyang District.


4. Optical Valley Commercial Circle

So far, Optical Valley Commercial Circle based on Optical Valley Plaza has covered an area of 340,000 square meters. It will be expended by 400,000 square meters in the future two years. In all, Optical Valley Commercial Circle will reach 800,000 square meters, which is twice as much as the present area of Wuguang Commercial Circle. The extension of Optical Valley Commercial Circle helps to accumulate its sufficient strength geometrically.


5. Zhongnan Commercial Circle

As one of the important commercial circles in Wuchang, Zhongnan Commercial Circle is the financial, commercial, and political center in Wuchang District with a nice location and great convenience in communications. Here, more than 40 bus routes heading for the three districts of Wuhan are offered. The Railway Line 2,4 is planned to pass through the Circle where the functional departments of the government, as well as a wide range of banks, stand.


6. Jiedaokou (Asia Trade Plaza) Commercial Circle

Jiedaokou Commercial Circle has become an emerging commercial center based on the retail industry and IT products. Jiedaokou Commercial Circle, together with Jiangnan Area and Zhongnan Commercial Circle, creates a complementary commercial center for middle-class office buildings and stores. So far, Jiedaokou, known as the"Golden Crossroad", has formed a new business space based on the retail industry and IT products.


7. Hanzhong Street

Hanzhong Street lies in the bustling area of Hankou District, Wuhan City. It plays a vital role in the history of Wuhan City during the early days of commercial development. For now, Hanzhong Street ranks highly on the list of National TOP 10 Streets. It has been well-known as"The First Street in China" since ancient times.

Hanzhong Street has become a synonym for large-scale wholesale markets, not just a street. Depending on the category, Hanzheng Street covers a wide range of commodities and brands, clothing wholesale market, sundries wholesale, shoes wholesale, leather-ware wholesale, and piece goods wholesale.

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