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1. Accommodation Application

  (1)International students accepted and registered in the university can apply the university accommodation. Students will be disqualified from living in the international student apartment if found violating the university regulations.

  (2) New students who have been accepted by the university need to check-in during the required time of registration. Those who apply for check-in in advance should obtain permission from the international student office.

  (3) International students should have the approved accommodation slip when they check-in, and provide the legal, valid passport and visa, in accordance with the provisions of the accommodation office of the university to handle the accommodation registration formalities.
  (4) International students who stay in the student apartment should sign a lease contract with the relevant dormitory office and complete the contract obligations e.g. pay accommodation costs. Students are required to strictly abide by all rules and regulations of accommodation office.

2. Checking-in Procedure

  (1) Students who complete the check- in of their dormitory must get registered at the police station within 24 hours with further assistance from relevant dormitory office.

  (2) Students must update their information in the property management center for passport and visa extension, renewal, or other changes within 24 hours. Those who fail to register on time due to personal reasons will be disqualified to live in the dormitory until they complete the registration.

  (3) Students must live in the assigned room and are not permitted to change rooms/dormitories privately once a room in a specific dormitory is assigned. Changing, transferring, or renting the bed or room to others is strictly prohibited.   

  (4) Students may submit an application to change rooms due to problems with the dormitory facilities that affect the living conditions. The dormitory office will check the problems and submit request to the international student office for approval.
  (5) Students who live in the same apartment area can switch rooms after a negotiated consensus, and with the permission of the international student office. All students should have at least 180 days of residential time remaining.

  (6) The students could only apply dormitory change only once other than problems on dorm facilities during the stay in the university.

  (7) International students shall strictly abide by fire prevention safety rules of the dormitory.
    Intentionally damaging or moving fire equipment or monitoring equipment without authorization is prohibited; store or use of flammable, explosive, corrosive, alcohol furnace, gas, toxic substances and other hazardous materials and illegal electronics equipment are forbidden; use of naked fire, private pull wire, or misappropriating public power is strictly prohibited.

  (8) International students shall not damage the facilities, property and possessions in the public areas of dormitory.
  (9) Students shall strictly abide by the dormitory visitors registration system, to ensure the safety of residents and property and maintain good public order.

    I. Apartment visiting time is from 07:00 to 23:00 (extended to 00:00 on the weekend). Visitors can register with valid ID card to access the apartment. Visitors must leave the apartment when international students leave the apartment; Students who have visitors have an obligation to take responsibility for any damage or loss caused in the apartment.

    II. Any person going in or out of the dormitory between 00:00 - 06:00 must show valid certificates or room card and key. Those who do not show these may be denied entry to the dormitory by the security office.

  (10) Students are not allowed to provide accommodation in the apartment to others without the permission of the university.

    I. Exceptions may be granted for special cases where there is a need to provide short-term accommodation to visitors. International students who are to be visited shall submit a written application to the international students’ office with their passports and certificate of identity relationship. Those who have permission should register and perform the regulations of the police station in the apartment management department with the permission letter.

    II.Visitors staying less than seven days can have free accommodation, those stay more than seven days should pay the accommodation fee according to the regulations of the accommodation office, with no more than 30 days permitted time to stay.
    III. No one except the partners of the students may stay in the student apartments for long periods.

  (11) International students shall not hold religious cultural activities in the area of the dormitory, and illegal gatherings are strictly prohibited.

  For any other learning or recreational activities, a written report including specific time, place and number of the party participants is required to be submitted to the dormitory service center. Parties can be carried out with permission.
  (12) Students shall not make noise, shout, drink and fight, loud music or use of microphone sound system in the area of the dormitory, carry or feed pets, or disrupt public order and affect the normal study and life of others.

  Students shall not conduct illegal or criminal activities in the area of the dormitory.
  (13) Students who leave the apartment for more than 15 days should report their destination and specific contact information.

3. Checking-out Procedure

  (1) Students who leave the university due to graduation, winding up or dropping out of schooling shall leave the dormitory before the date prescribed by the university rules and should submit the check-out slip or notice of graduation from the university and complete the university leaving formalities.

  If students refuse to move out of the apartment, the accommodation office will take the necessary measures, and appeal to the public security department for assistance.

  (2) Students in suspension of schooling must go through the check-out procedures; those who keep the housing are required to pay the accommodation fee in accordance with the regulations.
  (3) Students must pay all apartment accommodation fees and clear any dues before check out.

4. Disciplinary Rules for Violation of Any provision Accommodation Services

  (1) International students who conduct the following irregularities within the dormitory, if the circumstances are minor, will be given a verbal warning; if the circumstances are serious, students will be given a written warning.

  I.violation of the fire safety management system, causing a potential safety hazard, without physical damage to personal property;

  II.smoking in the public area inside the building, throwing objects out to the building, breeding and keeping of pets, or not parking vehicles or storing things in the specified location, and affecting the normal apartment living environment, etc.;

  III. causing loss of public property because of intentional or negligent behavior;

  IV. second complaint in an academic year.

  (2) International students in the apartment who are engaged in the following behaviors will be given serious disciplinary warning or disqualified from the accommodation.

  I. transfer, rent beds or for others to use the room privately;

  II. attempts to escape, hide, resist, block or interfere with school staff in performing their duties;

  III. violation of fire safety management system, storage or use of dangerous goods such as flammable, explosive, corrosive and illegal appliances, use of naked fire, private pull network wire, misappropriating public electricity, or other behaviors which cause serious security issues;

  IV. malicious or repeated in violation of administrator registration regulation relating to the passport, visa, accomodation, or in violation of state laws and regulations which constitute staying illegally;V. refusal to pay related accommodation fees after two payment notices;
  V. illegal gatherings in the area of the apartment;
  VI. three or more complaints in an acdemic year;
  VII. other serious violations confirmed by the apartment manager and student affairs office.

  (3) International students in the dormitory engaged in the following behaviors, will be expelled, and have their accommodation cancelled.
  I.engagement in illegal and criminal activities during the period of apartment accommodation;
  II. violation of the fire safety management system, causing serious consequences;
  III. providing accommodation to anyone of the opposite gender without approval;
  IV. providing shelter, or hiding foreigners who enter or stay in the country illegally or assist illegal foreigners escape from inspections.

  (4) The dormitory service center will give written notice to those who are disqualified from the campus accommodation; those who do not receive the written notice will have their notice posted publicly at the international student office for 6 days.

  I. Students must move out of the apartment after receiving the written notice or public announcement of six days. Those who refuse to move out the apartment may not be allowed to enter the apartment, and the dormitory office may appoint two or more workers to clean out their personal belongings, and the students will bear the resulting losses.
  II.Those who are disqualified from the apartment accommodation, are not allowed to move into the apartment again.

5. Off-campus Accommodation Procedure

  (1) International students who live outside of the campus for personal reasons need to apply for and report to the international student office for approval, and the rules for living out of the campus with permission are as follows:
  I. Students who apply to live outside of the campus should be submit the application at least one month before  holidays in each semester.
  II. Students should submit the application form for foreign students to live outside of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as “the application form") and related information, to the international student office for approval.
  III. The international education college will record the above information by the students and issue a check-out notice. Students can check out and complete the related formalities in the property management department with the check-out notice.

 Students should complete the registration form of temporary accommodation (hereinafter referred to as the "registration form of temporary residence") in the local police station within 24 hours with passport and live off-campus housing contract after moving to a new place and report to the international student office.
  (2) Students who do not provide the temporary accommodation registration form on time, or do not report the change of address and contact, will receive a bad record. Students with a bad record may have their residence time shortened.

  (3) Students residing out of campus should report their study and life situation to the university each month, and actively participate in the activities organized by the university.

  (4) Students residing out of campus should comply with the legal regulations of the state, pay attention to their life and property safety, and try to prevent any accidents and disputes.

  (5) Students who move to live outside of the apartment can apply to move back to the apartment again. However, those with illegal and criminal behaviors while living in the apartment or who have been disqualified from the apartment accommodation by the international student office are not eligible

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