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  Tips to Safety for International Students

Emergency calls 



Traffic Accident: 122 

First Aid: 120 

Security Office, WUST

Qingshan Campus phone:  027-68862119

Huangjiahu Campus phone: 027-68893392

Hongshan Campus phone:  027-87395820

Website: http://bwc.wust.edu.cn/

Traffic Security

1. Motorcycles are forbidden to drive.

2. When riding a bicycle, please ride along the right side of the road. Don't chase after each other.

3. When crossing the road, please choose the pedestrian crossing line and watch out the vehicles. Don't cross the road when the traffic light is red. Don't ride in the converse direction.

4. When driving electric bicycle or car, please drive in the right traffic line. Drunken driving and no-license driving are forbidden. Don't drive at excessive speed.


1. If you don't feel well, please go to see the doctor as soon as possible. If you don't know how to see doctors, you can ask your friends, relatives or teachers for help. Don't delay the treatment for the reason of trouble.

2. be sure to take a card with a telephone number with you. The number should be your guardian's, your teacher's or your friend's.

3. Go to the regular business place and ask for invoices when you take a taxi, have dinner, reside or do shopping.

4. Don't go travelling alone; you'd better go with your friends. Remember to keep contact with your relatives, teachers or classmates during your travel for reason of safety. Avoid going out in the night.

5. Notice your property when you are at railway stations, especially your back pockets and bags. We suggest you take your bag in front of you, in case pickpocket will get your money.

6. Don't put your bags in the basket of the bicycle at random when you are riding, in case they would be stolen by others.

7. Don't leave your bags, purses, clothes, cell phones, wallets and so on in the classrooms, library, dining halls, or playing ground. Take them with you or ask your friends to keep for you.

8.Don't enter the password on the ATM if there are some others beside you; please call the bank immediately if there is something wrong with the ATM and  do not leave the ATM at the moment.

Agricultural Bank ofChina: 95599

Bank ofChina: 95566

China Construction Bank: 95533

Industrial and Commercial Bank ofChina: 95588

China Merchants Bank: 95555

Bank of Communications: 95559

Fire Prevention

1. All the high power appliances are forbidden to use in your room. And make sure you turn off all the electrical powers and the gas before you leave the room or go to bed.

2. Don't smoke in the bed and throw the dog-end randomly. Please be careful if you have to light up candles.

3. Don't move or break the fire hydrants and don’t block corridors and the stairways.

4. Don't use open flame beside easily combustible and explosive things. Don't set off fireworks on the campus or in the dormitory. Never mix the combustible and explosive gases such as oxygen and hydrogen together.

5. Once you find a fire, please call the 119 or 87541110 immediately, and try to put out the fire with water or fire extinguisher.

Cheating Prevention

1. Don't lend your passport, student card and credit card to others so as to avoid being cheated by others.

2. Don't provide your personal data or information to others in case other would take advantage of it.

3. Don't believe strangers easily or lend money to someone you know a little.

4. Don't believe the information about lottery on the website or short messages sent to you. There are a lot of normal ways for work-study in case you would be cheated.

5. Please ask your teacher for help when you have something in trouble and not sure how to deal with it.

Notices for Students Living Outside

You must go through certain procedures if you want to live off the campus. The following are notices for you:

1. You should check the equipments in your rent room frequently, especially the electrical appliances and gas. Then you should repair them as soon as possible if you find anything wrong with them.

2. Make friends with your landlord and neighbours to avoid unnecessary conflict with them. If there is any conflict, please call the police.

3. You must go through the registration procedures again if you change your address. Please inform the office in order to keep in touch with you. The office teachers in the office will keep means of contact secret.

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