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Lecture on innovation and entrepreneurship for international students

In order to strengthen the cultivation of the innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities of international students in China, on December 23, our school invited teacher Xie Jianwei from the Office of the Youth League Committee of the school to give a lecture on innovation and entrepreneurship education for international students. This lecture combines online and offline in the form of multi-group simulcast and is open to all domestic and overseas students.


In the lecture, Xie Jianwei started with national policies, introduced China's policies on innovation and entrepreneurship for college students to international students, and focused on cultivating international students' innovative and entrepreneurial awareness and scientific research spirit with the school's science and innovation service platform as a starting point. With the "Challenge Cup" Academic Technology Competition and the "Challenge Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the professional level of international students has been improved, and the practical ability of international students, especially the ability of scientific research activities, has been cultivated and improved, and the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship of college students has been cultivated and improved. , Research and problem-solving skills.

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