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Co-management of Chinese students

On the morning of January 21st, Zheng Yujun, Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau of Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, Zhang Haimin, Chief of the Public Security Immigration Brigade, and Police Officer Chen Xiaofei visited our hospital to conduct research and discussion on the management of overseas Chinese students under the new normal of the epidemic. Miao Liyi, deputy dean of our college, and Wang Huijian, director of the Office of Education and Engineering, attended this symposium.

At the meeting, Vice Dean Miao Liyi introduced the overall situation of our school’s work for international students in China from various aspects such as system construction, education management, and campus culture. He also discussed the localized management of foreign students and the opportunities and challenges brought about by the epidemic. Analysis and discussion. Deputy Director Zhang Yujun highly praised the professionalization and systematization of the management of our school’s international students in China. He made analysis and suggestions on school-site cooperation, the management of foreign students, cultural integration, and potential risks, and put forward "systematic consensus and exchanges for future management work." The sixteen-character requirements for sharing, improving services, and supporting guarantees. Afterward, the two parties discussed and exchanged on the daily visa management of foreign students in China, the difficulties and key issues of immigration integration, and put forward relevant suggestions.

Finally, on behalf of the college, Miao Liyi thanked the Ouhai Public Security Bureau for its strong support for the management of our college’s international students and hoped that the two parties would use their respective advantages in the joint construction of the campus, and the police and civilians would work together to establish a sound normal work exchange mechanism, information exchange, and dedicated personnel. Responsible and work together to do a good job in the management and service of international students in China.


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