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International students welcome the new year

Write couplets, paste window grilles, chat about homework, and sing blessing songs with international students... As the Chinese New Year is coming, Li Xiaokun, president of Wenzhou Medical University and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, led the relevant departments and the heads of the college to bring the beauty of the new year. I wish to visit and sympathize with the students studying in China in Wenzhou.


Picture: Principal Li Xiaokun and his party extended condolences to international students

The Spring Festival in 2021 is destined to be different. Due to the need for epidemic prevention and control, domestic students choose to stay in school for the New Year. To care for the group of students studying in Wenzhou, the School of International Education and relevant departments of the school arranged New Year’s Eve dinners and New Year dinners, planned online Spring Festival cultural activities, recorded Chinese New Year condolences and blessing videos, visited and expressed condolences to the residential students inside and outside the campus, allowing international students to experience traditional Chinese culture, Let the Chinese New Year taste "not closing."


Picture: International students post blessings in the dormitory


Picture: Teachers and students cut window grilles


Picture: International students post blessings in the dormitory

In the condolences, President Li Xiaokun expressed cordial greetings and good wishes to the international students, learned more about the students' family situation and winter vacation plans, carefully asked about academic needs, and urged the epidemic prevention and control measures during the Spring Festival. Yi Boran, a 2018 Chinese government scholarship student from Somalia, said: "The measures taken by the Chinese government are responsible and responsible. They protect the safety of our international students from all over the world. More importantly, the school always remembers us and celebrates with our international students. Chinese New Year, let us not be alone in China and feel the warmth of the school."


Picture: Leaders of the National Education College visited the students living outside

The Spring Festival has profound cultural connotations in traditional Chinese culture. The Dean of the School of International Education Jin Litai and the Deputy Dean Miao Liyi made a special trip to visit 186 international students in Wenzhou and gave them New Year gift packages to make them truly feel the warmth and care of the school. Make the 2021 Spring Festival more connotative and worthwhile.

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