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Short-term training program enrollment

1. Registration time:

Registration is accepted throughout the year, except for winter and summer vacations

2. Fees

The tuition fee is 3000 yuan/month


3. Application process

All application materials need to be submitted by the applicant to the International Education Institute or via email. The Teaching Office will review all the submitted materials; if the application materials are qualified, we will issue a pre-admission notice by mail; for those who are finally admitted, we will mail a hard copy of the admission notice and JW202 form. (Please take the JW202 form as the admission criteria)

Application form for admission.

4. Contact

Mailing address: International Education College, Wenzhou Medical University, Chashan Higher Education Park, Wenzhou City

Postal Code: 325035

Phone: 0086-577-86699031

Fax: 0086-577-86699031

Email: wzmczs@126.com

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