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Undergraduate Admissions Guide

1. Eligibility for application

① Applicants must be at least 18-30 years old;
② Graduating from high school with grades meeting the entrance requirements;
③ Be in good health and abide by Chinese laws and school rules and regulations.
Note: All medical-related majors do not recruit students with color weakness or color blindness; left-handed students are not recruited for dental majors


2. Application materials

① Admission application form;
② A scanned copy of the transcript for three years (four years) of high school (with the official seal of the school);
③ A scanned copy of graduation certificate (certificate of enrollment);
④ Scanned copy of passport;
⑤ Scanned copies of relevant score certificates for English subjects;
⑥ Color photos on white background (format JPG:100-500KB).

3. Tuition

①Medicine (clinical medicine, stomatology, clinical medicine/ophthalmology): 30,000 yuan/year; nursing, medical laboratory technology, biotechnology, pharmacy: 20,000 yuan/year;
②Registration fee: 400 yuan/person;
③Accommodation fee: 4,000/year/person;
④ Insurance premium: 800 yuan/year;
⑤ Teaching material fee: charge according to the actual price of the book.

4. Enrollment major:

Clinical medicine, clinical medicine (ophthalmology), stomatology, pharmacy, nursing, medical laboratory technology, and biotechnology are enrolled in English-taught international students

5. Application time:

March 1st — July 1st

6. Enrollment time:


7. Application process

All application materials need to be applied online by the applicant himself in the admission application system of the International Education Institute. The Teaching Office will review all the submitted materials; if the application materials are qualified, we will issue a pre-admission notice in the admission application system. Please pay more attention to the admission application system during the application period; we will mail a hard copy admission notice to the final applicant's Book and JW202 form. (Please take the JW202 form as the admission criteria)


8. Contact

Mailing address: International Education College, Wenzhou Medical University, Chashan Higher Education Park, Wenzhou City, Zip Code: 325035
Phone: 0086-577-86699031 Fax: 0086-577-86699031
Undergraduate Admissions Email: wzmczs@126.com

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