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Volunteer service creative competition ends

Recently, the finals of the International Student Volunteer Service Creative Competition hosted by the International Education College of Wenzhou Medical University came to a successful conclusion. Volunteer style. Miao Liyi, deputy dean of the School of International Education, director of the Office of Education and Work, and instructors of all grades attended the competition.

The competition takes the form of a five-minute video introduction of the participating teams. Finally, the judges jointly score and select the winning team of the competition. Many participating teams from our institute used their own different voluntary creativity to polish the spark of wisdom in this competition. The participating teams explained the planning of their creative ideas in turn and won the recognition and encouragement of the judges on the spot by fully introducing the content, background, and actual volunteer work of the ideas.

In the explanations of the contestants, there are not only thinking and measures about loving women’s health and rights, but also helping the elderly’s health, as well as protecting personal health during the epidemic, providing subsidies for foreign poor people, providing food, and international students. They also showed their enthusiasm for environmental protection, calling on everyone to protect nature through volunteer services, etc... Each team of international students has outstandingly demonstrated their volunteer ideas, expressing their love for volunteer activities in their words.

After the project presentation, Vice Dean Miao Liyi and the counselor judges summarized and commented on them. From different angles, they put forward their own opinions on feasibility, creative vision, sustainability, etc., and commented on various voluntary projects. Thoughts and discussions on the operable direction guided the international student volunteer team to better develop their own voluntary projects.

After fierce competition, the first prize was finally won by the volunteer projects MENSTRUAL HYGIENE and Against Covid 19 Volunteer Teaching Project. They thought about and helped foreign women’s rights and health and helped frontline doctors and nurses in the fight against the epidemic during the epidemic prevention and control period. Volunteer activities such as online English learning for their children have aroused the deep resonance of the judges and the audience; the volunteer projects ELDERLY CARE, CURE ALL, MaNala Med covid-19 care package, and Service For The Elderly won the second prize; volunteers The project VOLUNTEERING ACTIVITY IN MEDICAL AND HEALTH CARE, Elderly People, ENVIRONMENT CONSERVATION, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, Feeding the less fortunate in Durban South Africa, Wenzhou Medical University Star Mentorship Program, and Environment Project won the third prize.

As several judges and teachers said: The most indispensable thing for international students is creativity and youthful vitality. Encouraging international students to participate in voluntary service activities is of great significance.

Through this event, all international students fully demonstrated their voluntary creativity and enthusiasm for volunteer service and injected fresh ideas into our school's volunteer activities. This competition also attracted more international students to understand what volunteer service activities are and how to participate. In the volunteer activities, we encourage all international students to put the charity's heart into practice. We also hope that more international students at home and abroad can participate in creative volunteer service activities, reap the joy of volunteer activities, and help the development of the voluntary cause of Wenzhou Medical University.



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