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Tribute to international women's Day

March 6, in order to meet the coming 111th International Women's Day, the International Institute of Education Let's Talk Medicine project team of internal and external women carried a theme of "health care, choose to challenge" activities. This event was carried out using online and offline learning and communication methods, and invited Mauritian alumni of foreign students who are currently working in Wenzhou Peace International Hospital, Dr. Summayah Hosany (Chinese name: Suma), Rukkaiya Abdullahi (Nigerian), Racheal Tieku ( Representatives of female students studying abroad, including Ghanaian nationality) and Salome Vimbai (Cameroonian nationality), shared topics on women's health. More than 200 people from home and abroad participated in this event through the scene and the Internet.


Several female speakers introduced to the audience the health problems and maintenance methods of women in the whole life cycle from childhood to adulthood and even old age from the fields of medicine and sociology, mainly including reproductive health, sexual transmission knowledge, and common women’s health such as menopause. To better care for women’s health, spread the concept of healthy life, and improve the self-care awareness and health level of the majority of female friends. In the subsequent sharing session, the speaker and the audience also shared from different fields such as academics, creative arts, leadership, entrepreneurship, media and charity, and received enthusiastic responses and discussions from online and offline audiences.


The Let's Talk Medicine project, initiated by international students of the International Education College, aims to create a youth peer education exchange platform for cross-cultural exchanges, sharing of learning growth and medical knowledge for Chinese and foreign students, and help Chinese and foreign students grow into talents. This event strives to use this platform to set a learning example for young women from all over the world, spread medical knowledge, and bloom "her power".



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