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Undergraduate program

(1) Eligibility for application:

1.18-50 years old, in good health

2. High school graduates with good grades or equivalent academic qualifications. For those who have not graduated from high school, please submit your graduation certificate before graduation or proof of your expected graduation time.

3. Language requirements for Chinese media programs:

HSK Level 4 or study Chinese at China Agricultural University for one year and pass the exam.

4. Language requirements for English media programs:

TOEFL IBT 68 or above;

IELTS 5.5 or above;

Other equivalent English qualifications.

5. Applicants who apply for exemption from submitting the above-mentioned English language proficiency certificate must prove:

Citizens or permanent residents of English-speaking countries (including countries where English is the official language, common language, or mother tongue).


(2) Application period:

Every year before June 30.


(3) Start time:

Every September.


(4) Enrollment major:

No. Schools Name Disciplines Majors
1 Highway School Road, Bridge and River-crossing Engineering Road, Bridge and River-crossing Engineering
2      School of Automobile Vehicle Engineering Vehicle Engineering
Energy and Power Engineering Energy and Power Engineering
Logistics Engineering Communications and Transportation
Automobile Service Engineering Logistics Engineering
3    School of Construction Machinery Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Design  Manufacture and Automation
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Industrial Design
4      School of Economics and Management Logistics Management Logistics Management
Business Administration Business Administration
Management Science and Engineering Engineering Management
Information Management and Information System
Economics Economic Statistics
International Economics and Trade
5   School of Electronics and Control Engineering Electrical Engineering and Its Automation Electrical Engineering and Its Automation
Automation Automation
6  Information Engineering School Electronic Information  Electronic Information Engineering
Communication Engineering
Computer Computer Science and Technology
Software Engineering
Internet of Things Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence
7   School of Geological Engineering and Geomatics Surveying and Mapping Engineering Surveying and Mapping
Science and Technology of Remote Sensing
Geographical Information Science
Geological Engineering Geological Engineering
 Geophysics Surveying Technology and Engineering
Safety Engineering Safety Engineering
8 School of Earth Science and Resources Geology Geology
Mineral Resource Exploration Engineering
Mineral Process Engineering(Gemology) Mineral Process Engineering(Gemology)
9   School of Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineering
Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering
Water and Wastewater Science & Technology Engineering
Engineering Cost
10   School of Water and Environment Chemical Engineering and Technology Chemical Engineering and Technology
Environmental Science and Engineering Environmental  Engineering
Environmental Science
Water Conservancy Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
Groundwater Science and Engineering
11   School of Architecture Architecture Architecture
Urban-Rural Planning
Landscape Architecture
12     School of Materials Science and Engineering Materials Material Science and Engineering
Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Engineering
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering
Material Processing and Control
New Energy Materials and Devices
13 College of Transportation Engineering  Transportation Engineering  Transportation Engineering
Transportation Transportation
Big Data Management and Application Engineering Big Data Management and Application Engineering
14 School of Land Engineering Land Consolidation Engineering Land Consolidation Engineering
Land Resource Management Land Resource Management
15 School of Marxism Ideological and Political Education Ideological and Political Education
16     School of Humanities Law Law
Public Management Administration Management
Pubic Service Administration
Literature of Theatre Film & Television Literature of Theatre Film & Television
Broadcast and Television Directing
Journalism & Communication Journalism
Chinese Language and Literature
17     School of Sciences Engineering Mechanics Engineering Mechanics
Mathematics Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Information and Computing Science
16     School of Foreign Studies English English
Japanese Japanese
17  Department of Physical Education Guidance and Management of Social Sports Guidance and Management of Social Sports
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